Marvel’s King of Hell Just Stole A Weapon From The King In

Mephisto has reclaimed the throne of Hell, and to cement his reign he has stolen an incredibly powerful weapon from Knull, the King in Black.

This article contains spoilers for King in Black: Ghost Rider

Marvel’s King of Hell, Mephisto has just stolen a weapon from the King in Black. Mephisto has been having something of a rough time of late. He was dethroned by Ghost Rider, and since then he’s had to live on Earth – which hasn’t particularly stopped him scheming. Worse still, when Ghost Rider returned to Earth to tackle some renegade demons, Mephisto soon found himself chained and dragged behind Jonny Blaze on his bike. Hardly a good way to treat royalty.

But in King in Black: Ghost Rider from writer Ed Brisson and artist Juan Frigeri, Mephisto’s fortunes are improving because Hell is in a state of chaos and Jonny Blaze is struggling to deal with constant plots. Uneasy is the head that wears the crown of Hell, given every one of its demons is motivated by sins such as pride, envy, and greed. Making matters worse, just when Ghost Rider thought he already had his hands full, he learned that Earth was under invasion from the King in Black. He’s reluctantly been forced to give up the throne of Hell, handing it back to Mephisto while he heads off to join the battle against Knull.

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Mephisto has not returned to Hell empty-handed though. “Parting is such sweet sorrow,” Mephisto tells Ghost Rider sarcastically before promising to dispose of one of Knull’s symbiotes in the Cauldron of the Infinite Cosmic Flame, which he claims was a gift from the Dread Dormammu that has been collecting dust on a shelf since the dawn of time. The devil only speaks in lies, of course, and in reality there is no such artifact. Rather, Mephisto is intrigued by the symbiotes that are swarming over the surface of the earth, and he seeks to find a way to turn one into a weapon of his own.

Mephisto Symbiote

It’s chilling to imagine what Mephisto could do with a symbiote. Assuming he is able to learn how to control the symbiote, he could bond it to any daemon of Hell to enforce their obedience to his will; it could even be a useful way of ending the constant civil wars that have diminished Hell’s power. Alternatively, Mephisto could instead choose to bond the symbiote with any damned soul, including countless supervillains; imagine an already powerful foe being bonded with a symbiote that is thrall to Mephisto’s will. Given Spider-Man unwisely compromised his soul striking a deal with the Devil in the controversial “One More Day” story, Mephisto could even bond the symbiote with the wall-crawler.

One thing is for sure; Mephisto will not let a potential weapon go to waste. When the King in Black‘s invasion is finally over, there may be lasting consequences – both on Earth and in Hell.

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