Marvel’s Alien Comic Reveals The Xenomorphs Have A ‘King In Black’

Alien #1 preview introduces a cosmic entity of darkness and corruption that is to Xenomorphs what the King in Black is to symbiotes

Warning! Spoilers for Marvel’s Alien #1

Marvel’s all-new Alien comic reveals the Xenomorphs have their very own King in Black as shown in the latest preview. Alien was recently obtained by Marvel Comics from Dark Horse Comics after Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. To put their stamp on the franchise, the Disney-owned comics publisher unveiled variant covers featuring the cosmic beasts battling a multitude of Marvel Comics characters. One of the characters shown fighting a Xenomorph is the King in Black himself, and now that Alien is launching its own solo comic under Marvel’s banner, it seems the Xenomorphs have their own version of the character.

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In the preview for Alien #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca, and Guru eFX, fans are immediately thrown into the world of cosmic horror made famous by the Alien franchise. Point of view panels depicting a character trapped either by choice or otherwise inside what appears to be a cryogenic tube with the words “Alien Inside,” eerily written on the glass, seemingly in blood. The perspective changes entirely on the next page, showing a swarm of Xenomorphs huddled around an entity never before seen within Alien mythos. A cosmic demon described as a queen among lepers and a goddess among maggots who are seemingly ripped straight from the pages of H.R. Giger’s Necronomicon stands proudly among the alien creatures with little explanation as to who she is or why she’s there. 

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The queen among lepers and the Xenomorphs themselves were revealed to be the product of the dreams of a survivor of an alien attack. Gabriel Cruz is describing his dreams to a Bishop synthetic, or artificial person, as part of his debriefing after the off-panel attack. Cruz is on his way back to Earth to live out the rest of his days in retirement, though narratively speaking it seems this tale, and maybe specifically the goddess among maggots, isn’t finished with him just yet. 


Alien #1 has so far accomplished bringing back mystery and horror to the Alien franchise, something many fans had claimed were lacking in the most recent films. Instead of a scientific explanation for the origin of the Xenomorph, Alien #1 has presented fans with a much more cosmic explanation in that there was no explanation at all but a King in Black level other-worldly terror haunting the psyche of one of the presented main characters. The “queen among lepers”, the ‘goddess among maggots”, and any other name she goes by throughout the cosmos is assuredly the main threat in the series, presented as more of a mystical entity rather than an average alien sci-fi villain. 

This next phase in the Alien mythos is taking a page from Marvel’s more established main universe in the King In Black series. Like Knull coming from the depths of space, infecting the world with his darkness and slipping into their minds, so too is this queen among maggots into the psyche of Gabriel Cruz. Fans are given little to no explanation as to who this cosmic creature of darkness truly is, but what is clear is her allegiance to if not sovereignty over the Xenomorphs just as Knull is with his symbiotes. Whatever this goddess of darkness’ true purpose winds up being in the Alien series, based on the information presented thus far it is fair to say the Xenomorphs may now have their very own ‘King in Black’.

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