Marvel Comics Introduces The New Death Rider

Marvel Comics has just introduced the Death Rider in the pages of Ghost Rider, whose identity makes them a perfect fit for the all-new name.

Warning! Spoilers King in Black: Ghost Rider #1 below

Marvel Comics has introduced a brand new version of Ghost Rider, as it’s been revealed that Danny Ketch has taken the name Death Rider. In King in Black: Ghost Rider #1, Ketch shows up as Johnny Blaze seems over his head against a symbiote dragon, while also trying to hold onto Mephisto. Ketch offers a helping hand and informs his brother that he will be taking a new name.

There have been considerable changes for the Ghost Rider’s in Marvel Comics in recent years. Blaze and Ketch have become closer after the previous revelation they were actually brothers. Johnny would become the new King of Hell, usurping Mephisto, but became even more corrupted and tried to kill his brother after stripping him of his Spirit of Vengeance. Danny would gain the Spirit of Corruption after visiting Limbo and battling Necrosis in an effort to save Johnny. Armed with a Blight Blade – Danny’s new role has come with a brand-new name: The Death Rider.

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In this week’s King in Black: Ghost Rider #1 by Ed Brisson, Juan Frigeri, Jason Keith, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Ghost Rider has left Hell in an attempt to stop the demons who have broken out on Earth. Blaze discovers that not only are there demons wandering the planet but that the King in Black has enveloped it in darkness. He goes toe-to-toe with a symbiote dragon, and after taking it down, he’s greeted by Ketch. Wearing his Necrosis armor, Danny tells Johnny that he’s now known as the Death Rider.

Ghost Rider Marvel Comics Death Rider

Johnny asks his brother “are you serious?” about the new name, to which Danny responds Death Rider is a much better moniker than “Necrosis.” He adds, that Death Rider feels much more on brand. Johnny eventually warms up to the name and agrees to refer to him as such. Ketch would play an instrumental role in getting Johnny to give up the throne of Hell to Mephisto to avoid a potentially bigger conflict with Lilith the Demon Sorceress.

Ketch has always played second or third fiddle when it comes to being a Ghost Rider, especially after the introduction and popular reception to Robbie Reyes. By becoming Death Rider, he forges a much-needed unique path as his own Spirit of Corruption. His new, armor-heavy look is badass as is his giant Blight Blade. It’s a welcome transformation for Ketch and hopefully, readers get the chance to see him in action again as the new Death Rider. King in Black: Ghost Rider #1 is in stores now.

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