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Romance and music: this is the program of “Marry Me”, with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. But what is their favorite song among those of Kat Coiro’s film?

This is the story of a man a priori like the others who, following a strange combination of circumstances, finds himself married to one of the biggest musical stars on the planet. Who happens to be embodied by Jennifer Lopez, in a role very close to her image. This is the starting point of Marry Me, a romantic comedy rich in songs.

While Jennifer Lopez and her partners (Owen Wilson, Maluma, Sarah Silverman and Michelle Buteau) reveal their favorite song from the feature film, director Kat Coiro (who notably signed season 1 of the future Marvel series She-Hulk) returns with us on this feature film.

AlloCiné: From “Mozart in the Jungle” to “Girls5Eva”, your work as a director often mixes music and comedy, as here. What drew you to this project?
Kat Coiro : Everything I’ve done is based on music! Whether it’s a screenplay that I wrote from a song, a character who evolves in the middle of music… So it’s really one of the things that gave me want to make this movie.

But what was important to me here was that the viewer doesn’t just see snippets of songs. I wanted to show the performances in their entirety, and make sure they fit into the emotional trajectory of the main characters.

Was Jennifer Lopez perfect for the role because, precisely, Kat Valdez is a character who looks like her?
She was the one who started developing the screenplay with her partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas a few years ago, before I got involved in the project. But the role was made for her, and it brings together all of her superpowers: she acts, she sings, she tackles being a brand ambassador, a businesswoman and someone who lives her life in the public eye. Much of my work was based on her own experience of this life, and no one but her could have played the role.

marry me with jennifer lopez: what is her favorite song from the film? - cinema news

Kat Coiro

What were your romantic comedy influences?
All! We really wanted to embrace romantic comedy as a genre. We went back to the spectacular Busby Berkeley musicals: the number in the church at the time of the wedding was inspired by the musicals of the 40s and 50s.

And then we refer to Pretty Woman in the first five minutes, and then there’s a lot of commonality with Notting Hill in particular. The idea was not to be afraid to seize clichés of the genre, and to say without shame: “Yes, it’s a romantic comedy that draws on the history of romantic comedies.” While adding a new facet, with themes and music.

So is “Marry Me” a musical? Or “just” a romantic comedy?
I would say it’s definitely a musical. I love that genre, but this movie is a bit different because the characters don’t really start singing. We see artists recording and evolving in their element.

In general, in the musical, the characters seek to express their emotions and they do so by singing. In Marry Me, they sing songs in a more conventional way. But the emotions remain the same: they come out in these songs, and the feelings are not only expressed with words.

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette in Paris on February 6, 2022 – Editing: Constance Mathews

“Marry Me” was released in theaters on February 9:

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