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MarketBeat vs. TipRanks Comparison

A key dilemma that retail investors face is how to “level up” their access to actionable research at a fair price. It’s not hard for investors to find stock opinions and analysis for free. In fact, there are many sites to choose from.

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However, that frequently means hopping back and forth between multiple sites. That’s not an efficient strategy. Nevertheless, it can be hard to differentiate between these investment sites because they offer many of the same features.

We believe that MarketBeat is a site that every retail investor can, and should, consider. And that’s why we’re providing this article that compares MarketBeat to TipRanks. Both MarketBeat and TipRanks provide an extensive amount of free content on their websites.

For example, users could search for a specific stock such as Tesla and they’ll get similar information such as earnings information, analyst ratings, dividend history, and interactive price charts. And both sites give subscribers access to free original content about popular and trending stocks. This information can give investors a better understanding of a particular stock and its movement. Both sites get high marks for ease of navigation.

The purpose of this comparison is for you to better understand what each service provides, particularly if investors choose to access one or more of the company’s premium services. Here are the topics this article will cover:

MarketBeat Overview

TipRanks Overview

How Are MarketBeat and TipRanks Alike

Review of Premium Services

Is There a Difference Between MarketBeat and TipRanks?


MarketBeat Overview

MarketBeat was founded in 2011 with the mission of creating high-quality stock research tools and making them available to investors at all levels. The site uses the latest technology to provide proprietary, comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-the-minute financial data including information about analyst recommendations, dividend declarations, and earnings announcements.

All of this information, and more, was made available for free on the company’s website and via the company’s daily newsletters. MarketBeat aims to be a go-to re for both retail and institutional investors. Currently over 15 million individuals visit MarketBeat.com every month.

TipRanks Overview

TipRanks is a company that ranks financial analysts. Its website offers information about financial analysts, bloggers and insider trading via paid and free subscriptions. TipRanks was founded in June 2012 by Uri Gruenbaum and Gilad Gat. They teamed up with Roni Michaely, a finance professor at Cornell University.

According to the company’s website:

“…We make it easy for millions of retail investors around the world to reach better, data-driven investment decisions through our suite of multi-award-winning research tools and simplified alternative datasets. Essentially, we drive transparency by tracking and measuring the performance of over 96,000 financial experts, including Wall Street analysts, financial bloggers, hedge funds, and corporate insiders, and making this information publicly available.”

How Are MarketBeat and TipRanks Alike?

This is a good question. You’ll notice that the sites are very similar. In fact, when you consider that TipRanks was launched shortly after MarketBeat was launched it’s not overstating things to see that TipRanks used MarketBeat as a template of sorts, including the focus on the analyst community.

With that said, both sites target roughly the same kind of investor. Both tout themselves as being a one-stop re for retail traders to get information relevant to the stocks in their portfolio. And both sites do this by focusing on analyst ratings knowing that analyst upgrades are almost always bullish indicators.

Subscribers benefit from receiving curated information sent to their inboxes on a daily basis. This not only includes proprietary content, it also includes information from major news and investment websites.

The reason is for convenience. Investors want to have access to this information in one spot as well as having information to charting information and analyst recommendations. These are great tools for every investor.

Here’s a look at some specific features that the sites handle in similar ways:

Market Insight & Stock Picks

MarketBeat provides subscribers with the Early Bird which is delivered every morning before the market opens as well as the Night Owl which is delivered every evening.

  • These newsletters give readers insight on stocks that MarketBeat analysts are tracking as well as a curated selection of investment articles from other financial outlets.
  • These newsletters do not directly make stock picks.
  • In addition to these newsletters, the MarketBeat site is refreshed every day in real-time with Top Stories including Most Read Stories and the Most Recent Stories. Many of these articles provide exclusive content from MarketBeat analysts.

TipRanks delivers a free weekly e-newsletter, Smart Investor, that requires an opt-in from subscribers.

  • This provides readers with portfolio updates using Big Data and market insights
  • Actively manages a long-term investment portfolio of 20-25 stocks.
  • See the reasons behind every buy or sell decision, using TipRanks data..

Portfolio Services

Both sites offer free portfolio tracker tools. Subscribers receive daily email alerts, earnings estimate revisions, analyst recommendation changes, and more. The MarketBeat site provides real-time updates for subscribers. TipRanks limits the number of email alerts users receive in the basic and premium packages. They do provide unlimited email alerts in their ultimate package.

TipRanks has their Smart Portfolio feature. Depending on the membership plan selected, investors can create a portfolio of stocks that they are trading. Investors get expert analysis of each stock in their portfolio. They also get headline news that relates to those stocks.

Ticker Search

Both sites have an easy-to-use search tool that allows subscribers to get more information on the holdings in your portfolio, or to look at new trades. Both sites give you earnings data, analyst ratings, and other features. And both sites make it easy to quickly add those stocks to your portfolio.

Stock Screeners

Both sites offer stock screening tools that give investors the ability to compare stocks.

Investment Ideas

MarketBeat provides subscribers with access to information such as Research Tools, Stock Screeners, Top-Rated Analysts, Stock Lists, Trending Stocks and Premium Reports. These can be accessed under the My MarketBeat tab.

TipRanks provides similar information to what is found on the MarketBeat site under its Research Tools Tab. Investors can access Top Smart Score Stocks, Analysts’ Top Stocks, Insiders’ Hot Stocks, and Trending Stocks.

Review of Premium Services

For buy-and-hold investors who simply want to have instant information regarding the equities in their portfolio, these free services may be adequate. However active traders will typically need access to more detailed insights. For that, both companies offer several premium services. For the purpose of this article, premium services are defined as services for which customers have to pay to access.

MarketBeat Premium Services

MarketBeat Momentum Alerts – $97 per year

  • This service provides short-term trading opportunities identified by MarketBeat editors using trading momentum, market sentiment, and specific financial triggers.
  • Subscribers receive approximately 3 to 5 new ideas each month through MarketBeat Momentum Alerts.

MarketBeat Daily Premium – $199 per year/$19.97 monthly

  • MarketBeat Daily Premium is delivered 30 minutes before the market opens and provides actionable news, analyst upgrades and downgrades, dividend payout changes, insider buying and selling disclosures, earnings reports and technical data.
  • Subscribers get information that is personalized to their My MarketBeat stock portfolio and watchlist, giving them the latest information for the stocks they care about the most.
  • Investors can also choose to receive email or SMS alerts for their stocks so they don’t miss major shifts in the market.
  • Their daily newsletter contains a summary of key analyst ratings, earnings and dividend announcements, insider transactions of the day.

MarketBeat All Access – $399 per year/$39.97 monthly

  • MarketBeat All Access is the company’s premier research platform.
  • Subscribers receive all the information included in MarketBeat Daily Premium, plus a Sunday market preview, advanced portfolio monitoring tools (via My MarketBeat), access to MarketBeat’s full suite of research tools and stock screeners, a real-time news feed including email and SMS alerts.
  • Subscribers also get access to the MarketBeat Idea Engine, trending stock lists, proprietary brokerage rankings, extended data export tools, and more.

TipRanks Premium Services

TipRanks Premium – $29.95 per month/billed annually (free 30-day access)

  • This is the most popular of the company’s plans.
  • The flagship product gives investors access to most of TipRanks’ investment res. This provides investors access to trending stocks, access top analysts by sectors, and the ability to follow up to five experts.
  • Investors receive up to 30 email alerts and data can only be exported in PDF format.
  • Subscribers receive priority customer support.

TipRanks Ultimate – $49.95 per month/billed annually (free 30-day access)

  • This is the company’s top-of-the-line service and allows traders to have full access to the tools available on the site.
  • This allows traders to watch stocks that have insider trading activity.
  • Traders can manage multiple portfolios
  • Investors receive unlimited email alerts and data can be exported in PDF and CSV formats
  • Subscribers receive top priority customer support.

Is There a Difference Between MarketBeat and TipRanks?

The only obvious difference between MarketBeat All Access and TipRanks is that TipRanks offers Enterprise Solutions which essentially means they syndicate their data for institutional investors to use. However, this is a way for TipRanks to monetize their site. And also a reason the site has garnered some acclaim from the fintech community. However, for the core audience (retail investors) this isn’t a relevant feature.

However, there is another important difference when you’re looking at the value proposition of the sites.  Both sites offer a significant amount of content with their free plans. However, when looking at the two sites, MarketBeat offers investors access to more free content, such as analyst ratings, than does TipRanks.


While we’re confident in the amount and the quality of the information you receive with your MarketBeat subscription, we want to let you understand what the other services are providing.

MarketBeat and TipRanks have a similar focus on the analyst community and the information on both sites is very similar. In terms of usability, it’s really a question of using a Mac or a PC, it’s what you’re comfortable with and become used to. However, as we noted earlier, for the price you’re paying, MarketBeat delivers more free content.

And objectively, MarketBeat is the more cost-effective service of the two. Not only is the annual cost lower than TipRanks, but MarketBeat offers convenient monthly payments. Some subscribers have mentioned that the lack of monthly billing for TipRanks is a drawback, particularly for investors who have limited res.

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