Mariah Carey publishes her autobiography. And he announces it on Instagram

Mariah Carey’s autobiography

Silence, Mariah speaks. She is the latest real pop music diva: amazing voice, 200 million records sold, 5 Grammys and countless hits, always at the top of the charts all over the world. Hot physique and super sexy outfit (she definitely changes her look after her divorce from Tony Mottola), a capricious and demanding diva, the protagonist of difficult moments and exciting successes, both in professional and personal life, between excesses, gossip and controversy.

But now Mariah Carey, 50 years of age on March 27, says her. And he does it with an autobiography, The Meaning of Mariah, written with fashion journalist and activist Michaela Angela Davis e out in the US on September 29 for Andy Cohen Books. The singer posted an open letter to fans on Instagram like a teaser.

It took me a lifetime to find the courage and lucidity needed to write my memoir“. In the book, he says, he will talk about his life, the triumphs and falls, the successes and traumas, his songs and his dreams. Of all that has contributed to making her the person she is today, beyond gossip and rumors. “Many things have been said about me, about my career and about my very public private life; but it is impossible to explain the complexity of my experiences in an interview with a magazine, or in ten minutes on television“. And now Mariah has decided to tell herself. A process, that of writing, concludes in the post, difficult but liberating, a process of “healing”. The Meaning of Mariah comes out in conjunction with the thirtieth anniversary of the singer’s debut album, Mariah Carey, released in 1990.


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