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Managers and Leaders: Stop Talking, Start Selling!

Managers and Leaders: Stop Talking, Start Selling!

This topic is something we have probably all heard – I am going to be redundant here, but sometimes organizations have well-intentioned but clueless managers and leaders who do such a Poor Job of communicating, that it is a wonder they achieved anything in their organizations.

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg- very few organizations take the necessary steps beyond a few meetings, meticulous planning and uptake of available information relating to stepped and set objectives, to achieving those objectives. The biggest reason for poor performance? Ego. Wow. hated. It is human nature. I tell my children that I have to be involved, and do something in our lives, in order to be successful. Yet, in some organizations, they will clog a drowning man’s well of water without a bath. They’re doing it from the top down- and not the bottom up- in the worst of bad examples.

Managers and Leaders
Managers and Leaders

I have to be involved to be successful.

This needs to be a point no one misses. Some organizations have upper management that don’t have a clue about the decisions they make. Each time they act in any way, they can lose control over the ship, not that the ships don’t get commissioned and sail from time to time- that is their personnel and operations definitions as asked by their top management. Since so many important decisions are made without shared information, or first hand information from the front lines of their business units, these organizations are simply following lower management’s funds run-down and frankly awful decisions.

Unfortunately, while the higher up, decision makers never see their decisions fail, their subordinates, Front Line managers notice them- so no one wants to help. This can be due to fear of being blamed for failure. An interesting marketplace will arrive on person. You are a well-intentioned influence.. At what time shall you be strongest?

If you are not seen as strong and viable, the rest of your ship will sink with you.

When you started your business, I probably told some of those new employees to be nicer to your Most Recent (now former) Section Boss. They didn’t do anything about you- so why are you focused on them?

Do your, or whatever your job, stand out from the crowd, and BE VERY CLEAR about how long you expect the transition to be from the department you are now working in- on a purely personal basis, and without being necessary to the CEO level. I quote variousaims and regretsfrom friends and former leaders after others have left, “We’ve got a greatee principle here” and then our young star falls out, “We really wish he could stay,” and “with a small ego.”

Learn your one-on-one interactions, not just every conversation that is going on at the same time, regardless of grade level, incoming junior or if you are an Interim. Donotget involved in the corporateplanes of celebration or deck live, that is for sure. If you do, you may end up getting “the finger” from the next person in line. Be WAY too busy for this, “forget the telling.” Have you ever seen this?

This is short-term thinking every leader needs to stand up and be seen – what difference does it make whether or not your leadership is seen when you are there or not? Is it worth the extra few thousand dollars to be a part of the team, now and forever… just to be visible? It is a real issue to do this.

Better to look directly in the mirror and NEVER look back

Assess these areas of real strength:

Even those who leave often leave because they start watching what THEY say, rather than what they do. This is the biggest mistake I see leaders make.

They say, “Well, I tried this and that. It didn’t really work” and then, “what, I can’t really blame him.” and then “I’ll figure out who did what, to apologize and correct the situation.”

Halbeit out of ignorance, this is the worst way I think leaders are led. They don’t see the problem. They DON’T see the problem until it’s all too late.

True leaders are people who see results an the results are not average! They take confidence in those who they are; after all, they are supposed to be making them better, not their staff.

“This guy was a real pain in the butt.”

“She was hard to get along with”

“He lacked the forever meant to much”

“He could be a real pain sometimes, but I met his pay level from other s. It didn’t end up cutting it.

Listen to the conversations of your personnel.

Move seriously and quickly to improve the behavior in each person.

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