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Maldives is calling…will you answer?

Maldives is calling…will you answer?

If you think Maldives is just another beach destination for honeymoons, think again! The pristine beauty of this quaint archipelago is overwhelming and makes for a perfect break from the urban chaos. I was already considering beaches for my last vacation and trust me when I say that Maldives literally did not feature in my bucket list. And then I came across a picture of Oe Dhuni Finolhu beach on the web, it blew my mind away, and the next thing I knew I was searching for flight tickets to Maldives.

You must be wondering how just one beach could convince me to visit a place! But I kept thinking about it, even when I landed at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and then the vacation that followed made this the best travel decision of my life. Maldives turned out to be awesome and here’s why you should be heading there soon!

Maldives is calling

The Unparalleled Break from Urban Cacophony

Maldives proved to be one of the ultimate destinations of private vacations. Maldives Tourism largely drives its economic base which has led to the growth of numerous luxurious resorts by the beach. Almost one-third of the Maldives islands is dedicated to luxury resorts which serves some of the best-personalised vacations in the world.

The Transcendence of the Sea

Maldives has some of the clearest coastlines with a magnificent display of aquatic life. Not only does the endless stretch of blue waters transport you into a zone of tranquillity, the sheer gorgeousness of the innumerable aquatic life that you get to witness is one of the most life-changing exposures of life on earth. Oh, and I cannot even tell you how ravishing the coral reefs surrounding the islands are!

Transcendence of the Sea

The Heavenly Seafood

Come to Maldives and you get to taste fresh seafood every single day. From lobsters to shrimps, and octopuses to salmon – the variety is unending and Maldivian culinary traditions creates a palate that is hard to forget. Try out the Kulhiboakibaa, a native take on fish cakes, and you are in for a gourmet memory of a lifetime!

The Ultimate Ambiance of Romance

You just cannot ignore the romance that envelops Maldives. You will witness some of the prettiest sunsets, experience sensuous candlelight dinners on the beach– Maldives will drive an intimacy between you and that special person, one that you never dreamt of!

Ultimate Ambiance of Romance

I can never stop gushing about Maldives. The breathtaking beauty of the glowing phytoplankton and phosphoresce on the coastline made me fall in love with walking on the beach. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. So, book your tickets, pack your bags and get you plans in place for Maldives – because this is not just another pretty beach!

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