Making Sophie Turner an Empire Hit

Making Sophie Turner an Empire Hit

Sophie Turner, playing the beautiful young sorceress Sansa Stark on HBO’s Game of Thrones. It is another success factor in this show’s popularity. Though she is a new face, she already has the ability to capture and captivate the hearts of its viewers.

She is a blonde-haired and blue-eyed girl, who was born in Manchester, England and lived there until the age of eight. Sophie started out by singing and dancing in her local club. She was soon noticed by members of the royal family who took an interest in her.

sophie turner

Her first official role in a British television series came as a member of the royal family in a 1996 television movie titled The Royal Family. When the movie was filmed, Turner realized that she had talent and asked to be cast as Sansa Stark in the TV series.

Since the movie, Turner has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows as a member of the royal family. She also starred in the video game adaptation of the same family as well as playing a lead role in the fantasy movie Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Many people may wonder about the reasons behind her high-profile roles.

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National Interest

Theories and studies show that actors can be influenced by their roles, especially in a country with the national interest. A recent study showed that people with northern and English accents are more interested in watching or talking about a story that features a Northern European accent and vice versa. This is because both regions have different social structures. These social structures create opportunities for people with different accent types.

Another significant factor in Turner’s success is her innate beauty. Being attractive to men has been proven to be beneficial for a woman’s career in the show business. For instance, there are studies that show that an attractive woman is less likely to be discriminated against in the workplace than an unattractive one.


sophie turner

Sophie has always been quite beautiful, yet she did not try to change it. She thought it would make her passive, which is something she has been trying to avoid in real life.

Sophie Style

Furthermore, if you watch the TV show, you would see that Turner usually wears a large, voluminous scarf around her neck. According to surveys conducted, most women in England prefer this scarf because they do not feel that it would show off their assets. A scarf would more likely bring out her other attributes.

Aside from wearing a scarf, there are some other ways to make yourself look more attractive to men. For instance, women should wear colorful and trendy clothes, which can easily add up to the glamour and classiness of a woman.

In order to prevent men from feeling shy around her, Sophie Turner has learned how to deal with this issue. She is also aware of the importance of being confident and outgoing in her new role as a prominent member of the royal family.

Turner is also always ready to smile and be humble. Which is one of the secrets that make her so attractive to men. To become a great actress, a woman must learn how to take things lightly. Something that is also vital in the line of a good role.

Sophie Turner may not be a member of the royal family but her strong presence as a leader and positive attitude in front of others is a refreshing change from the traditional knight in shining armor stereotype. This role also makes Sophie Turner a favorite among fans.

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