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Making a Choice between Topsoil and Potting Soil

Making a Choice of Topsoil and Potting Soil

Topsoil and Potting Soil: There are many products on the market that all say they are the one when it comes to gardening. People often get confused with is Potting soils and Topsoil’s. Both items, as it says in the name, are a type of soil, ideal for gardening.  There are however strong differences between the two types of soil, that people often are mixed up. Both items are excellent for doing what they do best, however, put them in the wrong kind of place and it may have the opposite effect.

Topsoil and Potting Soil
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The Difference…

There are very distinctive differences between these two types of soil. Potting soil is quite often made up of different materials, but not actual soil. You often find that Potting soil will not actually contain any genuine soil, it is a combination of materials that will work best to provide the correct environment for its plants. Topsoil can be found in areas such as fields containing Weeds, Manure, and even Compost. This type of soil is therefore different in contents and has a completely different effect on plants and other soils. The main element to consider is location. The location of where you wish to use this soil is the make or break to whether it will work well for you or not. Once you’re sure of your location, you can go for the soil best suited for you and your growing requirements.

Their Uses…

Potting Soil is used for any kind of plotting in containers, for example, fruit and veg in your greenhouses, or even herbs growing in your kitchen. Soil potting is designed specifically to hold in the roots as they grow, as well as keep food and moisture. Potting soil needs to allow the correct type of drainage for these plants, as the containers can only hold so much. Created from a special mixture, Potting Soil is perfect for any kind of indoor growing. For this reason alone, Potting Soil cannot be used outdoors, as it will cause too much drainage in the outdoor beds and this will eventually result in the flowers or plants not growing properly.

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Topsoil however, is ideal for outdoor use, as it is best found outdoors, to begin with. Adding Topsoil to existing soils is perfect as it blends together and creates the perfect growing solution for the plants in the location chosen. Topsoil cannot be used in containers, as it lacks the filtering ability when it comes to moisture, and gathered moisture in a container may lead to rotting. Topsoil can help plants thrive when used in the correct location. One thing to remember when it comes to Topsoil, is that it doesn’t work very well on its own. Topsoil thrives when combined with another soil and works as more of a conditioner to the existing materials.

Tips and Tricks…

Use Topsoil to help to condition your existing soil. Many people try and replace their current garden soil, however, this will work in a reverse way for your garden. By adding Topsoil to the current soil in your garden, you’re conditioning the soil and enhancing its growth assisting qualities.

When adding Topsoil to your garden, try not to sprinkle it over the top of your existing area. You’re best of creating a separate layer so that the moisture can still have a chance to drain through. And you will prevent any potential plant growth problems or soil drainage issues.

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