Make your bare walls pretty

For those in essential positions and those returning to work in a reopened business, you might want to take the time to dress up your bare walls at home. Especially after dealing with stress by trying to stay safe and healthy.

When you get home from work or even a short trip to restock your groceries, you might not think twice about what’s on your walls. Why would you even want to discover new items to place in your home?

First, by doing so, whether it’s taking the time to purchase an item online, or at a physical location, you would be supporting businesses that might need your purchase more than ever.

Number two, by doing this, you not only create the pleasure of selecting beautiful and useful items to make one of your bare walls look pretty, you gain confidence in updating your decor. All of this is easy with online shopping. For example:

1. Placing decorative lights on a bare wall will make your home more relaxing and inviting. Highlighting a bare wall with candle hanging wall sconces will satisfy the desire to impress.

2. You can make your walls stand out by hanging one or two unique photo frames and filling them with memories of past adventures. Frames to showcase family and friends, or to hang funny signs and plaques will express your emotions.

3. Or, a beautiful wall mirror adds character and style. Decorative mirrors can also make wall space appear larger and create atmosphere in any room.

4. For a dramatic and pretty look, visualize your wall with a sleek and antique wall clock with a black and gold finish. Or, a beaded pendant hanging wall sconce can be a work of art.

5. To show off your religious beliefs, adding a unique wrought iron wall candle cross in a scrolling pattern is one idea. Or try hanging an elegant cross shaped wall candle holder to give your home an extra touch. It will also give a modern touch to any wall and express your spiritual side.

Your taste for making your walls pretty doesn’t end with an expensive or budget-conscious purchase. For a true home design statement, it’s up to you to create the finishing touches in a way that reveals what you want to express.

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