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Make air pollution a thing of the past – with a mask!

Make air pollution a thing of the past – with a mask!

Man needs only a few things to be content in life – food, shelter and clean air to breathe. While we work hard to secure ample supplies of the first two, the air we breathe is not in our hands. This is a scary thought, especially when supplies of pure air are dwindling fast. Clean air fit for breathing is not found in most Indian cities today. The mass media is rife with articles about how the quality of outdoor and indoor air is deteriorating daily. And how there is a sharp spike in the numbers of health disorders related to these developments.

Dettol anti-pollution mask
Dettol anti-pollution mask

The rise of vehicular traffic, rapid urbanisation, smoke and dust from cars. Factories and construction sites, indoor cooking fires and various other s of pollution have jointly contributed to an alarming increase in the air’s particulate matter. Particulate matter is present in the air in small amounts, mostly by way of dust particles. However, when the particulate matter increases to uncontrolled levels, it makes air hazardous to breathe. The air that most of us breathe today is highly toxic. Comprising tiny pollutant particles that enter the human body and attach themselves to the nasal cavity and the lungs. These pollutant particles cause inflammation, throat and lung infections, bronchitis, dry cough, and a host of other illnesses. Over time, these illnesses may progress into chronic conditions.

What you can do at once

You cannot exercise any control over the levels of air pollution in your city, or anywhere in the country. Outdoor air cannot be cleaned overnight. The volumes of air are too large for you to be able to exercise any control over it. It may also not be possible for you to uproot your life and head for a countryside locale where the air is purer. Since there is no option but to continue living in the city of your current residence, you might as well take some immediate measures to curb the ill effects of air pollution on you and your loved ones.

The first step is to take is to create an effective barrier between your body and the air that enters your system. This can be done by way of using a face mask that covers your nose and mouth. The face mask must securely cover the lower part of your face while still allowing you to breathe. However, good face masks are difficult to come by. Most people make do by tying a thick scarf or handkerchief to protect themselves against air pollution. But the cloth can still allow the minute particulate matter to penetrate the fibres and enter the nose and mouth.

Dettol anti-pollution mask

The best mask you can use is the Dettol anti-pollution mask. The Dettol anti-pollution mask is part of the company’s SiTi Shield range of products and technology aimed at protecting users against the effects of air pollution. The anti-pollution mask protects the lower half of the face, and constantly filters the air that it allows inside. Thus, you end up breathing purer air relatively free of pollutants.

Dettol Anti Pollution Mask
effects of air pollution

The Dettol anti-pollution mask ticks the global N95 criterion for face masks. This criterion indicates that the air inside the mask is at least 95% devoid of particulate matter, and thus, relatively safe to breathe. Use this excellent face mask daily and invest in a few masks also for your loved ones – it’s a simple yet effective strategy against rising air pollution in your city.

What else can you do?

Indoor air pollution is a real phenomenon. Protect yourself by installing air purifiers at home. Be sure to clean the device’s filters regularly so that it performs at peak efficiency. You can even use the Dettol Micro Fan that removes heat, moisture and CO2 from your immediate surroundings.

Place pots of basil and mint plants near your seat or on your windowsill. These are known to purify the air and also absorb extra moisture, odours and dust.

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