Majora’s Mask Clock Tower Remade In Working LEGO Set

One Legend of Zelda fan has built a functioning version of the iconic Clock Tower from Majora’s Mask using nothing but LEGOs and creativity.

One dedicated Legend of Zelda fan has built one of Majora’s Mask‘s most significant locations in LEGO form. A Redditor going by the username “Groobar” revealed their build on the LEGO subreddit. Using nothing but bricks, they made a one-for-one recreation of the Clock Tower- and it even acts like its in-game counterpart.

The Clock Tower in Majora’s Mask is the central point for all of Termina, visible from all major areas. It also acts as the arena for battles against the main antagonist, Skull Kid. Groobar’s recreation not only preserves the iconic design but the functionality as well. By spinning the top, the gears turn the main clock. Even minor details, like the winding ramp surrounding the tower and owl statue save point, are accounted for.

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In their post, Groobar explained that the new Clock Tower build is part of their “Lego of Zelda” series. Previous entries include a recreation of the Temple of Time from Ocarina of Time and the Tower of the Gods from Wind Waker. The Temple of Time includes part of the interior in LEGO form, most notably the altar leading to the chamber housing the Master Sword. Said build took a whopping 1750 pieces, according to Groobar. The Clock Tower uses a comparatively paltry 800 but included rarer, more expensive bricks.

Groobar’s Instagram also revealed that the Clock Tower holds a few additional secrets of its own. A video shows the tower being transformed into its more open state, as seen during the third day in-game. In the comments, they elaborated on how it worked. There’s a small mechanism with four bevel gears in the center that lifts up together with whole (sic) top of the tower,” they wrote. “The challenge was that I only had a very limited space of 3×3 studs inside the tower where I had to make everything fit in.” It was originally designed in a program called Studio, with pieces being ordered through Bricklink.

While this is currently just a fun side project for Groobar, they aren’t opposed to submitting it to the LEGO company. Not that the concept is entirely new- in 2019, someone submitted a recreation of Breath of the Wild‘s stable for review. While it received enough fan support, it was ultimately not approved for production. However, thanks to the Mario-LEGO crossover from last year, the two companies have an established partnership. This could pave the way to an official Zelda kit in the future. Until then, Groobar has stated that they are interested in releasing instructions for fans to build their own at home.

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Source: Groobar, mbmocs

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