MacKenzie Bezos Is Now The Second Richest Woman In The World

There has been a reshuffle at the top of the list of the richest women in the world. Thanks to the continued surge in Amazon’s share price, MacKenzie Bezos move up the ranks. Just two months ago we published an article on the richest women in the world now. It was April 22. MacKenzie was then worth $ 37 billion. Just two weeks ago, we published for the first time an article on MacKenzie’s net worth in excess of $ 50 billion. Today, MacKenzie is on the verge of becoming the richest woman in the world.

Thanks to soaring Amazon stocks, MacKenzie Bezos is now worth $ 55.1 billion. This makes her the second richest in the world behind the heiress of L’Oréal Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers. For what it’s worth, it’s only been a month since Françoise jumped Alice Walton to become the richest woman in the world with $ 61 billion. Alice Walton is now the third richest woman in the world with $ 54 billion. Julia Flesher-Koch is fourth with $ 51 billion.

Top 4 richest women in the world:

# 1: Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers – $ 61 billion

# 2: MacKenzie Bezos – $ 55.1 billion

# 3: Alice Walton – $ 54 billion

# 4: Julia Flesher-Koch – $ 51 billion

When MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos divorced, she received 20 million shares of Amazon in the settlement of the divorce. At the time of their divorce, these shares were worth $ 38 billion.

It has been just over a year since their divorce was final and her net worth has increased by $ 17 billion. She now has less than $ 6 billion behind Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers. Anyone want to guess when MacKenzie will overtake her to become the richest woman in the world – which is also the space her ex-husband occupies on the male version of the list.

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MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos divorced in 2019 after 26 years of marriage. It was shocking because it seemed to come out of the blue. More so, their love story was so inspiring. They met at work. They were both Princeton alumni. Jeff was vice president of the firm. He was the first person to interview him. MacKenzie and Bezos had offices close to each other. She could hear him laughing all day and once said Fashionable that she fell in love with his laughter. MacKenzie took the first step and asked Jeff to go out. They went to lunch. Three months later, they were engaged and six months after their first date, they got married. After their marriage, Jeff told his new wife about his idea for Amazon. In less than a year, the couple quit their job, packed their bags, and embarked on a cross-country trip to Seattle in which Jeff wrote the business plan for Amazon. She became one of the first employees of Amazon when she took up a job as an accountant.

Let’s be real here, if there had not been a MacKenzie Tuttle Bezos in the life of Jeff Bezos, Amazon might not be a thing at all, not to mention the giant company it is today that has makes the two Bezos the two richest people in the world. Jeff Bezos’ net worth right now is truly incredible at $ 165 billion.

The richest woman in the world?

In June, an analyst with the Royal Bank of Canada raised Amazon’s price target to $ 3,300. If that happens, MacKenzie will be worth $ 64 billion. Assuming the current fortune of Alice Walton ($ 54 billion), Julia Flesher Koch ($ 51 billion) and Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers ($ 61 billion), don’t move, MacKenzie should safely become the richest woman in the world.

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