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Lucie and Luke Meier at Jil Sander: the interview for L’Uomo

Lucie and Luke Meier at Jil Sander: the interview for L’Uomo

Lucie and Luke Meier. She’s Swiss, he’s Canadian. A shared passion brought them together in life and fashion. They met in 2001 at the Polimoda fashion school in Florence, then each went their own way, Lucie to Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, then Dior with Raf Simons, while Luke for several years played a big part in the success of the Supreme label in New York. The two creatives began to attract attention when, in 2014, Luke decided to go it alone by holding a show in Paris with his OAMC brand. The following year, Lucie emerged from the shadows by filling in at Dior with Serge Ruffieux. Since 2017, their joint appointment at Jil Sander has justified the effort it took to relaunch the minimalist label.

Lucie and Luke Meier
Lucie and Luke Meier

You are the cutest couple in fashion. At the end of every Jil Sander show, you come out and take a bow hand in hand. Is this gesture spontaneous or calculated?
(both laugh)
Lucie: It’s totally spontaneous. The end of a show is such a special moment. There are so many emotions that can overwhelm you that it’s just instinctive to walk out holding hands.

How important or valuable is it to work as a couple in the fashion world?
Luke: I can’t tell you whether it’s more or less important than being alone, but we like working together. We give each other strength and it comes naturally to speak with one voice. It’s also wonderful to have someone at your side who aspires to the same goals as you in such a genuine, sincere way, without having to keep wondering about their underlying motives.

Jil Sander + Spring / Summer 2020 collection shot by photographer Tim Elkaïm at Lake Tenno, Italy.

Do you make all the decisions about the Jil Sander brand together?
Lucie: Absolutely! From the designs to the ad images to all the thoughts whirling through our minds about how to develop the business, we swap ideas about everything.
Luke: To tell the truth, it’s a continuous dialogue that we started a long time ago, and today it’s very easy, fluid and spontaneous. There are no specific times when we discuss these subjects. And no areas from which we have to shy away. This give and take goes on all the time between us.

When did you first discuss the idea of ​​achieving something together in your relationship?
Luke: I don’t recall us having this conversation before the Jil Sander project came up. On the other hand, we always talked about what each of us was doing on our side. There was mutual interest, mutual curiosity, and the intimate conviction that it would be great to work together one day. When I was contacted for this position, Lucie was clearly the person I spoke to, since she shares my life. We soon felt it would be more interesting to take up this challenge together.

A bicolour broad-lapel overcoat from Luke and Lucie’s mainline menswear Jil Sander + collection, shot for the campaign by Olivier Kervern.

Lucie, you’ve never got involved, directly or indirectly, in Luke’s OAMC brand.
Lucie: That’s right, OAMC is Luke’s vision alone. That said, he tells me what he’s working on as things like up and we talk over his ideas and plans.

Last January, you presented the Jil Sander men’s collection in Florence, which is where you met 19 years ago, right?
Lucie: No, it was 2001 … Oh wait, I didn’t realize 19 years had already flown by!
Luke: Or maybe we just don’t want to count the years! (Laughs)


Opening photograph by Peter Lindbergh

Read the full interview in the May issue of L’Uomo

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