Love Games Winning Couple Revealed (Spoiler)

After several rounds of eliminations, 90 Day Fiance: Love Games finally got its winner this week. It was a couple who you might have expected to win.

The second round involved the wildcard couples going head-to-head to advance to the semifinals. The semifinals played out a few weeks ago, and it narrowed the top twelve teams to only four teams. These teams were Paola and Russ Mayfield, Colt and Debbie Johnson, Tiffany Franco Smith and Ronald Smith, and Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and Andrei Castravet. All four couples performed very well in their preliminary rounds, so it was really anyone’s game. Debbie and Colt were eliminated in the wildcard rounds, but when Larissa Lima and boyfriend Eric Nichols had to drop out due to her surgery, Debbie and Colt returned and won their semifinals showdown. 

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The 90 Day Fiancé: Love Games finals worked a little different than the first three rounds. For example, unlike previous rounds, every round in the finals ended in an elimination. The final two teams faced off in two rounds to gain points. Most of the semifinals’ rounds ended in a final wager, but the finals ended in just seeing which team could get the most points. The first round was called “Alternate and Eliminate.” For this round, all four couples had to answer eight questions with each team member alternating who answered. Debbie and Colt tied with Ronald and Tiffany both getting all their eight questions right. Andrei and Elizabeth tied with Paola and Russ both with seven questions right. After a tie-breaker question, Paola and Russ were eliminated this round.


The second round was called “Miss or Match.” For this round, the remaining couples had to try to match their answers to score points. This is the round that really pulled Andrei and Elizabeth ahead. They got all their questions right and then got one bonus question right. Ronald and Tiffany and Debbie and Colt were tied at this round, and it once again came to a tie-breaker question. Tiffany and Ronald won the tie-breaker question, resulting in Debbie and Colt’s elimination.

It came down to Tiffany and Ronald vs Elizabeth and Andrei. The third round was called “90 Day Say What,” and each team watched 90 Day clips involving their opposing team and guessed what was said next. The teams matched fairly evenly in this one with the scores being 75 to 50. The last round involved them just answering as many questions as possible. Once again, it was well matched but Andrei and Elizabeth’s lead from the second round brought them the victory. Elizabeth and Andrei won with a score of 155 to 130.

Elizabeth and Andrei deserved their win, but Tiffany and Ronald winning could have been a great Cinderella Story. They felt like some of the underdogs all series, and it was great to see them do so well, especially considering their relationship struggles. 90 Day Fiancé: Love Games is a really enjoyable spin-off, so hopefully they bring it back for another season on Discovery+.

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