Love (almost) perfect on France 2: does Maud Baecker (Jul) really sing in the…

In the first episode of “(Almost) perfect love”, broadcast this evening on France 2, Jul, played by Maud Baecker, pushes the song during a musical sequence. But is it really the voice of the actress that we hear?

More than thirteen years after the end of Clara Sheller, France 2 returns this evening to the universe of romantic comedies in series with L’Amour (almost) parfait, a new fiction in six episodes worn by Maud Baecker, which fans of Tomorrow belongs to us know well, but also Tom Leeb (Unfaithful), François Vincentelli (Les Chamois), Isabelle Vitari (Our dear neighbors), Nadia Roz (The Substitute), Antoine Duléry, and Evelyne Bouix.

Directed by Pascale Pouzadoux, L’Amour (almost) parfait tells the story of Julie, nicknamed Jul, a clumsy 36-year-old dreamer who, after receiving a marriage proposal by telephone which was not intended for her, puts herself in head to seduce Max, who was at the other end of the line, and who, she is convinced, is the man of her life.

And if the atmosphere of the series, and its somewhat loose heroine, obviously brings it closer to the universe of Bridget Jones, it is with a sequence of dance and song which inevitably recalls Grease that the first episode ends, broadcast this evening at 9:10 p.m. on France 2.

As she goes to meet Max on a barge, Jul, encouraged by her two best friends, begins to imagine their love at first sight in a staging of a real musical comedy. Supporting song and choreography.

The production of L’Amour (almost) parfait also called on Maïdi Roth (Heroines) to compose the original pieces of the series. But fans of Maud Baecker will be disappointed to learn that it is not her voice that can be heard in the sequence in question because the actress, just like François Vincentelli for that matter, was dubbed by a professional singer.

“I would like to tell you that it’s me who sings in the series, but no, unfortunately I don’t have that talent (laughs)”‘, replied, amused, the interpreter of Jul. “We were dubbed by real singers who recorded the song in the studio”.

love (almost) perfect on france 2: does maud baecker (jul) really sing in the...
Jean-François BAUMARD – PM SA – FTV

But even if she did not push the song, Maud Baecker, who will soon be found in Le Mystère Daval on TF1, took real pleasure in shooting this sequence of pure fantasy, totally out of time.

“It was great to shoot. We stayed there for several days, because there were also scenes on the barge. It was idyllic, we were on the banks of the Seine, next to the Pont-Neuf, it was beautiful, passers-by were watching us. There was a huge crane, with the camera above. Lots of dancers, we were singing, we were dancing”.

“We had obviously rehearsed well before, because there was real choreography, and François and I are not professional dancers (laughs)”, continues Maud Baecker. “But we had so much fun doing that. Pascale Pouzadoux, our director, wanted to go all out. Because it’s really Jul’s dream, Jul’s universe, it had to live up to all his fantasies . To then fall back into reality and make it even more violent. But it was an extraordinary scene to do”.

The opportunity for the star of L’Amour (almost) parfait, obviously a great lover of romantic comedies and musicals, to realize a real childhood dream thanks to this sequence which closes the first episode in style. “For me, it was a childhood dream to be able to do musicals, in such conditions. The choreography reminds a lot of Grease as well, with the boys and girls. It was really perfect”.

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