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Lost Your Pet – To Do List

Ways to Get Your Cat Back

Lost your pet or lost your cat? Here are the different ways you can get your cat back.

If your cat has wandered away and you know the exact address of its own home, put an ad in the newspaper. Sometimes they’ll return. Write in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner that will attract the attention of people who may want to adopt your lost cat.

If your own cat is healthy and well-behaved, chances are good that he’ll return to you. If your cat doesn’t seem to be behaving normally, then you may have to consider other options.

Kids and Pets
Kids and Pets

See your vet. They can often help to locate your pet. With a few simple steps, your cat will come to the vet.

If you cannot reach your cat, you can usually get its pet’s identification number from the collar. You can also give the vet a picture of your cat.

If your cat has wandered off for a period of time, then it may be more difficult to reunite with you. In this case, look for similar homes for your cat. There may be some with feral cats.

Many states have different traps for feral cats. Put the cat back where it was found using a timer so you can find it again.

Take your cat to the local vet for help with any type of behavioral problems. If there isn’t enough time to take your cat to the vet for help, then at least take it to the Vet for assistance with your cat.

If you can’t get in touch with your cat, try asking someone to look up the phone number on your collar and let you know if they can help. Often, friends and family are available for that sort of thing.

Some types cat can be trained to follow a few simple commands. Many cats won’t be able to learn to behave themselves in a strange place. If that’s the case, then you can get in touch with someone who is trained to train cats.

Train your cat to not be afraid of new places all the time, which is why it takes a whole year to bring a new cat home. Train your cat to behave itself in a room it has never been before.

At this point, you may feel that there are many ways to get your pet back. Whether or not you choose one of these options, you should be glad that you went through this process.

Now I was listening to a message that our 11-year-old black Labrador had been missing for 24 hours!

My heart sank. We were spending Christmas and New Year in California with friends. She stayed in the comfort of her Calgary home with her favorite dog walker. She is a beloved dog who enjoys a good life. What inspired her to sneak through the back door on a sunny afternoon the day after Christmas, we will never know. She is a purebred Labrador, animated by her stomach and her love for people. It is, therefore, possible that she went in search of the remains of Christmas.

Our story ends well, she came back safe and sound. However, it was 72 hours of hell for everyone involved. Our fabulous dog sitter and my brother-in-law were tireless in their efforts to find her. They put a lot of miles on their feet and spent hours driving. By the time we got the call, they had done almost everything that is suggested when you lose a pet.

Pet  Lovers

Pet lovers understand that dogs and cats are truly part of the fabric of a family. Losing a pet can be just as devastating and disruptive as losing a loved one. We endured a few sleepless nights and spent hundreds of dollars on roaming charges on our cell phones.

Now that our household has returned to normal, I thought I would share this checklist so that others can have a guide if they find themselves in a similar situation. The list is not an official list of the city of Calgary, but we hope it will help others find their lost dogs and other animals.

Lost Your Pet

  1. Do not panic your pet doesn’t really realize it’s lost.
  2. as quickly as possible call Calgary City Animal Services @ 311. They will ask you to file a report with all of the relevant details; race, age, weight, color, tattoo, microchip, etc.
  3. Follow the checklist available on the Calgary Humane Society website and sign up on their PetLynx website. You can do this at any time, ideally before the loss of your pet.
  4. Call veterinarians in your area, to let them know if your pet is injured or if someone is bringing them.
  5. Make a lot of posters, they don’t need to be done professionally. Posters should include all key information and how to reach you. Impression a lot copies, then give them to your neighbors, put them in dog parks, attach them to poles, trees and any other place where people could easily see them.
  6. Talk to your neighbors and let them know your pet is gone.
  7. Place ads in local newspapers and media like The Calgary Herald 403-235-0511, The Calgary Sun 403-250-4222 and Shaw TV 403-716-6010 which offer free online advertisements for lost pets.
  8. Take advantage of social media, use Facebook, Twitter, SMS, blogs and any other site to spread the message.
  9. Contact local dog walkers. These are the people who go out almost every day to walk in the neighborhood parks. Use Google for your region for a complete list.
  10. Communicate with your local community associations because they can have a website or an email distribution list.
  11. Don’t panic and don’t give up!

Please note:

This specific list is for Calgary. Your region will have similar organizations and communication tools.

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