Lorde Knockoffs and Copycats – Which Are Worthwhile?

Lorde Knockoffs and Copycats – Which Are Worthwhile?

Lorde has become one of the top names in pop music over the years. The New Zealand-based singer and songwriter has become a symbol of youth rebellion throughout the world.

It is no surprise that many other performers have started to take to Lorde’s style of performance. Many existing performers have started to try and sound more like Lorde. Taylor Swift has especially aimed to create more of a Lorde-like sound to her work in her albums 1989 and Reputation, not to mention some of her other more politically-charged singles.

But there are many other performers who have aimed to sound like Lorde. But which ones are good? Let’s look at a few and see what makes them all so different and worth hearing.

Lorde Knockoffs and Copycats


Banks has been noted for being a talented poet, but it has only been recently that she has been putting her words to music. Songs like Gimme, Better, and This Is What It Feels Like show a sense of maturity, but there’s plenty of edge to her work.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish surprised the world when she won several Grammy awards recently. The muted sounds of her music and her distant-sounding tone makes for something a little edgier than what most might find. It is no surprise that songs like Bad Guy, Everything I Wanted, and You Should See Me In a Crown have become hits.


Halsey has gone from releasing demos on social media to be a big name star. The best way to describe her music is that it features a strong pop influence, but there’s a slight goth tone. The sound isn’t as dark as people might expect through that description. But she does show a style that stands out from what Lorde offers.

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez has more of an upbeat sound to her work. But the sound is impressive and infectious, not to mention Martinez does well in conveying her own image.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo had been around for a bit when Lorde first hit it big. But Lorde’s release of Royals is considered to have helped Tove Lo’s re-release of Habits to become even greater. Part of this was thanks to how the song has a similar sound to it. There is a suggestion that the tone of Lorde’s music could open the market to many other existing artists who have been sounding close to it for a while.

Troye Sivan

There are even some male artists out there that are aiming to sound like Lorde. Troye Sivan is one of the best examples to note. The South African-born singer out of Australia has released great hits in Youth and Lucky Strike. The synth-heavy sounds of his music make him very easy to note.

It’s safe to say that there will be plenty of other performers out there who are going to try and produce the same kinds of sounds that Lorde has been making. But while many might think that they are knockoffs or copycats, they are still ones worth noting.

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