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Looking for the Right Mobile Phone Insurance Cover?

Looking for the Right Mobile Phone Insurance Cover? What You should Expect

Mobile phone insurance has become quite the necessity nowadays, especially with mobile phones becoming more essential in our daily lives (and being more expensive as well). If you have invested your hard-earned money in a mobile phone or if you have just signed a long-term contract or agreement with a mobile phone provider, then you could very well benefit from mobile phone insurance.

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If you have been doing your research, then you may already know that basic coverage for mobile phone insurance will usually include the theft of your mobile phone, damage to your mobile phone, unauthorised calls from your mobile phone, and coverage if you are going abroad. Some mobile phone insurance providers may also give you add-ons, such as cover for your phone’s accessories, cover for water damage to your phone (this may seem like basic coverage, but it’s not – some companies do not offer it, so look for one that does), and instant coverage.
But how about some exclusions for mobile phone coverage – in other words, what may not be included in the cover? Let’s find out.

Different theft scenarios

It’s easy to distinguish one ‘theft scenario’ from the next – for instance, if you are simply walking on the street and your phone is snatched by someone, then this is included in your insurance coverage. But some ‘theft scenarios’ may not warrant coverage. For example, if you are in a café or restaurant, leave your mobile phone on a table, and it’s no longer there when you come back, then this ‘theft scenario’ may not be covered. Also, if you are in a pub and your phone is snatched from your pocket without you knowing, this may not be covered, either. The act of theft must often be accompanied by force.

Negligence and delays

Another scenario which may not be covered is when you drive away and your mobile phone is on your vehicle’s roof – this can be classified as carelessness or negligence, and you may not be covered for this. In addition, if you do not report your phone missing right away and you delay your report for more than a day, then you may not receive any coverage. You should always make a report on a stolen, lost, or damaged phone as soon as you can.

Water damage to your phone

As mentioned earlier, only a few mobile phone insurance companies offer compensation for water damage. You have to look for a company which can provide you with cover for water damage to your phone, especially if you are prone to dropping it on the sink.

SIM card issues

If your phone no longer has its original or first SIM card because you have transferred providers or are using a different mobile phone, then this may not guarantee coverage as well.

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