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A Look at the Nitro PDF App

A Look at the Nitro PDF App


When it comes to getting a PDF to work for you, it is important to make sure you find a way to get it to be easier to read. More importantly, you need to know how to edit, read and scan your PDF and to even create a space that lets you sign the PDF.

Nitro PDF App

Getting the most out of your PDFs can really be important to consider when it comes to being productive. You have to know how to edit your PDFs and make them easier to transfer if they are to work well for your demands. Fortunately, there is a great option to have right now in the Nitro PDF App. This app will help you to get your PDFs to be easier to read and access. This especially works with many great functions.


However, there are also a few different alternatives to consider just as well. It helps to keep all your options open when looking for a suitable program.


How to Read PDFs


Step 1: Open up the application and then select a proper PDF that is on your drive.

Step 2: You will then be able to read the PDF.

Step 3: The ribbon tabs on the screen will allow you to adjust how you are viewing your PDF based on points like how you are zooming in and how the file is rotated.


How to Convert Files


Step 1: Go to the Create panel and then choose the PDF option.

Step 2: Select a proper file.

Step 3: Choose the settings based on the print quality.

Step 4: Choose the proper file folder that the file will be moved into.


How to Convert PDFs to Office Files


Step 1: Go to the convert section.

Step 2: Choose the Office option and select the particular Office program you want to create a file for.

Step 3: Add the PDF into the program.

Step 4: Choose the proper resolution settings for when you’re getting your PDF converted into an Office file.


How to Create a PDF From a Scanner


Step 1: Go to the Create panel.

Step 2: Select the PDF From Scanner option.

Step 3: Place your document on a scanner linked to the computer that the program is on.

Step 4: Scan the document and then allow the program to generate the PDF file for you to save onto any spot on your computer.


How To Collaborate


Step 1: Sign up for a Nitro Cloud account. The app will provide you with an appropriate prompt for setting up an account. It is at the Sign Up link.

Step 2:  After signing up, log into your account.

Step 3: Upload a PDF to a Nitro Cloud account.

Step 4: The program will let you share your file with others who are granted access to it.


How to Add Notes


Step 1: Go to the Review tab and choose the Add Note section in the Comment panel.

Step 2: Enter in the notes that you want to add into your file.


How to Insert Images


Step 1: Got to the Edit tab.

Step 2: Visit the Image or Picture section.

Step 3: Select an image from your device.

Step 4: Drag the picture onto any spot on your PDF. The picture should appear on the new spot.


How to Sign PDFs


Step 1: Go to the Tools panel on the Home tab.

Step 2: Select the QuickSign button.

Step 3: Select the create a new signature option.

Step 4: Hold your device over a signature that you have prepared. Make sure the lighting is good so you can get a clear view of the signature.

Step 5: Select the Capture button. This should take in your signature so you can use it to sign future documents.


Top Alternatives


As appealing as the Nitro PDF App is, there are a few different alternatives that deserve to be considered just as well. Here is a look at five of these options. All of these work on mobile devices.


PDF MAX – PDF Max is an option that lets you sync and auto-fill forms and adjust different text formats and systems. This works quickly to create new files and make items easier to use.


Xodo PDF – While the Xodo PDF reader was designed as a reading app first and foremost, it has particularly become popular for offering a rich annotation system. You can quickly edit and sign PDFs on your mobile device with Xodo. You can use your finger or digital pen to sign a file.


WPS Office + PDF – This free option helps you to take all sorts of Office-like files and convert them into PDFs or the other way around. It is a light and fast option for your general productivity needs.


Foxit MobilePDF – Foxit lets you add quick comments and other visual flourishes to your PDFs while on the go and lets you share them on a cloud network.


Able2Doc PDF – This is a lighter app that works primarily with general conversion features. This helps you to get the most out of your network and makes it easier for a file to be converted quickly.


Get a Nitro PDF App Alternative On Your Desktop


Today you can use a good option similar to Nitro PDF App for your needs. The iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro program provides you with tools to edit, view, transfer and scan PDFs. You can also add pictures and signatures to PDFs in a word processor-like environment. It even has free upgrades for the life of the program.


Here are a few of the most important features to take a look at when trying this program out:


  • New PDFs can be created right off of your desktop. This can work with a system that makes it easier for you to generate new PDFs with ease.
  • You can compress and combine different PDFs to make it all ready for use. This can make it easier for you to get more files out there as needed.
  • You can mark-up and annotate different PDFs as needed. You can get different shapes and other features ready while making it easier for you to get different designs ready and easy to follow, thus making your PDFs easier to read.
  • PDF forms can be easily filled out as needed. Different PDFs can be prepared with many different segments that can be adjusted online or through a tablet or smartphone. This allows you to create virtual documents that can be signed from any place.
  • You can edit and convert PDFs as necessary just like with the Nitro program.
  • A large variety of Microsoft Word file formats are supported. These go from the 2004 to 2016 editions of Microsoft Word. This allows you to get PDFs ready from a variety of designs that can make it easier for files to work well.


You should look at the iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro and how well it can be used for your needs. You can get this program to do well for your needs as it will be easier for your PDFs to be made useful and easier to follow as demanded, thus making it all work out right.

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