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Long fringe cuts, inspirations and advice – Fashion

Long fringe cuts, inspirations and advice – Fashion

At the call of the cuts with long bangs, in the 70s style, sooner or later all the big stars have given up: from Jennifer Lopez to Michelle Hunziker, from Selena Gomez to Katie Holmes, many have been tempted by this hair look.

There are those who, however, once tried the long fringe decide not to go back. Between “bangs addicted“of the past we find the super iconic Jane Birkin e Brigitte Bardotwhile coming to the present day, the top Heidi Klum, the actress Dakota Johnson and the singer Taylor Swift have long been part of the fan club very faithful to cuts with long bangs. Undecided whether to try this look too? Here’s what to know before proceeding with the proverbial blow of scissors, plus the maintenance advice e styling for those who have long bangs for a while already.

Long fringe cuts, inspirations and advice - Fashion

Jane Birkin, along with Brigitte Bardot, made the long bangs legendary

Variants of cut with long fringe

As he explains Gianni Loda, artistic director Framesi, “Among the most beautiful, iconic and trendy with long fringe we find the bob, the long bob and the cuts with soft scales, in which the tips are scaled, while the upper part remains full. Each of these cuts combined with long fringe has its own pro and his versus, as it is easy to imagine.

More precisely, the bob looks like a very regular cut, with the advantage of making the face haughty and elegant. Suitable for those who have a face with delicate, symmetrical and feminine features, it would be better to avoid it if the face is masculine and with marked features. For what concern long bob with long fringe, gives a lot to rectangular, elongated or heart-shaped faces, since the maxi fringe tends to shorten the face. Instead, it does not enhance round or square faces. Finally, in the case of scaled toe cut, it is very versatile and soft in its effect: depending on the styling, it adapts to every face.

Open towards the back, it extends and enhances the small faces, wrapping the important and pronounced mandibular angles on the face. In general, however, the rule applies the long fringe is ideal for elongated and oval faces, because it shortens the face, underlines and makes the gaze magnetic and adds a feminine and sensual touch “.

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Different forms of fringe: each with its own

“It must be said that there are different types of long bangs,” he says Juri Coppari, artistic director La Biosthétique Italy and owner of the salon Beautidea. “The most famous and popular are the long rounded fringes and the inverted V-shaped ones, which in turn can differentiate and be fuller and more voluminous, or more climbing and parades. Self full and rounded, the long fringes are perfect on long and thin faces, while the inverted V-shaped fringes they are suitable for faces with a large forehead, since they camouflage it and make it less evident. Finally, the long and fringed fringes they go to sweeten and harmonize rather large faces, square or round, with a contouring-like effect, really effective. “

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Long fringe maintenance, how to

If you already have a long bangs, keep some good ones in mind rules in yours hair routine. Explains Coppari: “If you have thick and thick hair and you want to remove volume from the fringe, remember to dry it first, always with movement from top to bottom, helping you with one paddle brush. If, on the contrary, your hair is thin and you want to obtain a volumizing effect, dry the fringe with the help of one round brush. When you need to fix your make-up or cleanse / moisturize your face, take care to collect your long bangs with one or two flat beaks, so as not to leave your mark and make it out of shape. IS important not to wrinkle or wet the fringeotherwise you will be forced to redo the fold several times in the same day. Last but not least: the long fringe does not allow half measures and necessarily requires to be always fresh, clean and bright. Consider it as a real business card: to show off always perfect “.

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