Locarno Film Festival 2020: all the events

The Locarno Film Festival meet the public even in this unfortunate 2020, from 5 to 15 August, and it does so through a program that can be accessed in part physically, in the cinemas of the Swiss town, partly through digital platforms to access from all over the world.
This 73rd edition entitled For the future of films it is not only a schedule of cinematographic works, but a real one resilience messageterm that in recent months we have used with increasing frequency, in front of certain realities that have been able to resist and above all answer inevitable difficulties and restrictions needed to deal with Coronavirus.
The smallest of the big film festivals, always promoter of a free auteur and research cinema, has been revolutionized in its entirety by the team led by the artistic director Lili Hinstin.

Lili Hinstin, artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival 2020

© Michela Di Savino

The feature film section, which has always been the focus of the show, has been canceled, to make room for another competition, the one that sees the work of the directors who remained “suspended” due to the pandemic as protagonists: The films After tomorrow will present a selection of projects still at embryonic level, 10 Swiss and 10 international (including Lav Diaz, Wang Bin, Lucrecia Martel), which will concretely supported to be completed. Each of the directors in competition was asked to choose a film from the more than 1,400 presented at the Festival since 1946 and another section came out: A journey through the history of the festival. There will be Leopards of tomorrow, competition of short films through which it will be possible to meet new emerging talents and the review Open Doors which this year will present works related to South Asia.

Noon-O-Goldoon (A Moment of Innocence) by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

© press office

“There are many projects that are perfectly integrated into reality, one of these, for example, tells of a worldwide virus – says the artistic director – and, if we consider that the time for the production of a film, from the idea to the realization are greater than two years, there is yet another demonstration of how an artist is able to grasp something that is perhaps in the air well in advanceinvisible to most of us. ”
A section that will allow you to play with a definitely reactive audience (many of the hotels in the surroundings of Locarno are fully booked) will be Secret Screenings: surprise projections every evening for a program of rare and unexpected visions of yesterday and today chosen by the director of the festival.

Stranger Than Paradise by Jim Jarmusch

© press office

Also there television will play an important role in the lineup of the review, showing once again how much ease in crossing borders and the total absence of rigidity are necessary for the construction of a valid cultural proposal. On the historical and beloved program of Enrico Ghezzi, Out of Hours, two appointments related to Locarno will be proposed. The first Sunday 9 August with the vision of Chant d’hiver (2015), work by Iosseliani. Fully dedicated to the cinema of Jean-Marie Straub instead it will be on the night of Friday 14 August.

Piazza Grande in a past edition of the Locarno Film Festival

© Luca Dieguez

There Piazza Grande has always been seen as welcome emblem for the Locarno Film Festival. This year many films will be visible on the temporary online platform / platform. Once the certainty that human presence is irreplaceable has been removed, this pandemic has in some way forced to reevaluate the positive and not necessarily demonic role of technology.
Surely this situation has brought attention to a fundamental point: it is important to get as far as possible, go further to spread new ideas and art forms. “The interesting aspect of online – says Lili Hinstin – is clearly the possibility of touching an audience that has no way of coming to Locarno. In February, the shortest month of the year, the second virtual edition of Locarno Short Weeks, dedicated to short films from past editions: the largest number of views last year had been in Bangladesh. It is clear that the thirst for access to certain cultural contents has no boundaries. “
For the future of films, but not only.

On the website www.locarnofestival.ch you can consult the complete program.


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