Lizzo Is Helping To End Marvel’s X-Men/Human War

A musical collaboration between Lizzo and the X-Men’s Dazzler could be the key to building a bridge between humans and mutants in Marvel Comics.

Genre-transcending superstar Lizzo and everyone’s favorite musical X-Men member Dazzler could be the key to ending the long-lasting human/mutant war waging in Marvel Comics. Since the world first learned of the existence of mutants, they have been met with fear and hatred by the rest of humanity, and for much of their comics history they were treated like a persecuted minority. That all changed with the establishment of the mutant nation of Krakoa. The world changed overnight as mutants declared that they would no longer subject themselves to human laws and suppression. With the invention of miracle drugs that powered their economy, Krakoa became world’s fast-growing political superpower.

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While the mutants now enjoy a level of political power that they have never possessed before, their emergence onto the world stage has not been completely met with open arms. Many countries across the world have recognized Krakoa’s sovereignty, as it is a requirement in order for them to receive the mutant medicines. But diplomatic relations with the mutant nation have been frosty at best. Shortly after the country was founded, Magneto told a group of human ambassadors, “You have new gods now,” and later boasted at the World Economic Forum that mutants would replace humans. Everyday people are also distrustful of Krakoa, which has closed off its borders to non-mutants. Many believe that the mutants are planning some kind of attack, or using their medicines to kill or control people.

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The path to ending this hostility may not be through diplomacy, but through art. In Children of the Atom #1, written by Vita Ayala with art by Bernard Chang, readers are introduced to a group of young mutants who have chosen not to move to Krakoa. They remain in the human world, attending their old school and keeping their mutant identities under wraps. One scene in the issue sees two of these mutants, Buddy and Carmen, discussing the mutant pop star Dazzler. Not only will Dazzler be performing an upcoming concert in the human world, but she also got singer and rapper Lizzo to feature on her new single.

Children of the Atom Dazzler

Born Alison Blaire, Dazzler is a mutant who can convert sound into light, which allowed her to create spectacular light shows in her career as a pop singer. Dazzler was a huge success while she passed as a human, but her career took a nosedive after she revealed to the world that she is a mutant. The fact that she has now gotten someone as famous and talented as Lizzo to collaborate with her on a song shows that her fortunes have reversed. And it may provide hope of a bridge being built between humans and mutants. As the biggest mutant celebrity in the world, Dazzler could enjoy a life of comfort and adulation if she began a residency on Krakoa and performed exclusively for mutants. But instead she has decided to extend an olive branch to the human world. Performing concerts for human crowds and working with human artists sends a message that mutants are not turning their backs on the world.

A collaboration between Lizzo and Dazzler could be the first step in reaching the hearts and minds of humans and mutants alike. Nothing brings people together like great music, and whatever song these two artists put out is guaranteed to slap. Dazzler can show the world that mutants are not all scary and trying to take over the world. And while many mutants might have an elevated sense of superiority over the humans, Lizzo can show them that even with their superhuman genes, there are still levels of greatness they are incapable of reaching.

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