Liz Taylor yellow wedding dress for the wedding with Richard Burton

Liz Taylor chooses a yellow (and short) wedding dress to marry Richard Burton. A Hollywood costume designer made it

Liz Tayor and Richard Burton, the couple who ignited the glossy covers around the world. After a first meeting by the pool (which only he remembers), the furious love burst onset in 1962. She was Cleopatra, he was Marco Antonio, and the place was Rome, on the set of the tormented and very expensive film by Joseph Mankiewicz. Both were overwhelmed by the passion that accompanied them for two marriages and even after the two divorces. Later he will confess that he longed for a third marriage.

Liz Taylor yellow wedding dress
Liz Taylor yellow wedding dress for the wedding with Richard Burton 1

The first wedding is celebrated on March 15, 1964 in Montreal, only 9 days after the divorce from her previous husband, Eddie Fisher.

For the occasion, the actress does not rely on a fashion house but calls the costume designer Ray Diffen who creates the wedding dress, following the sketch by the Hollywood designer Irene Sharaff, responsible for the costumes for the film Cleopatra.

The cut baby doll

The garment is very simple, a short mimosa yellow silk organza dress: the cut baby doll (sober interpretation of the iconic head of Cristóbal Balenciaga from 1958) touches the knee, has puffed sleeves tight on the wrist and a large rounded neckline. A model designed to enhance, at Liz’s request, i marvelous Bulgari diamond and emerald jewels given by Richard Burton. The sophisticated look is completed by a braided hair with orange and lily flowers.

The marriage lasts ten years: after the painful divorce, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton decide to remarry in secret in Botswana, Africa, in October 1975, just 16 months after the official separation. A dream that vanishes shortly thereafter, with the second divorce and the arrival of two husbands in his near future.

THE two wedding dresses, worn by Liz Taylor to say “yes” to Richard Burton, will then be auctioned at Christie’s auction in New York in a large collection of clothing, accessories, and jewelry by the actress, Collection of Elizabeth Taylor.