‘Little People, Big World Star’ Matt Roloff Says He and Amy ‘Create Some Drama’

‘Little People, Big World Star’ Matt Roloff Says He and Amy ‘Create Some Drama’

Matt Roloff becomes frank about what’s going on behind the scenes of Few people, big world, including the invented drama.

On Sunday April 19, Patriarch Roloff opened up on Instagram Live about the hit show TLC, and revealed that there had not been such authentic moments filmed. For example, in the last LPBW season, Matt and his ex-wife Amy Roloff enter into a lively discussion to find out if the road separating their two properties is called a pass or a batch of flags. But it turns out that it may have been orchestrated.

'Little People, Big World Star' Matt Roloff Says He and
‘Little People, Big World Star’ Matt Roloff Says He and
  • Earlier this month, Matt Roloff explained what goes on behind the scenes at Few people, big world.
  • Patriarch Roloff said that he and his ex-wife Amy Roloff “arouse interest” by essentially creating “a drama”.
  • Notes come after TLC star appeared on podcast First class authorship saying that he and Amy don’t fight as often as the show shows.

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“When Amy and I got into an argument, be it a neck or a flag, we were just trying to do television,” said Matt, according to In Touch Weekly. “We know these are the types of arguments that generate interest and that people like to hear.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, some people don’t understand humor in all of this, they take it really seriously, they get mad at one of us, but it just pits their ribs to create a drama . “

Matt then explained that he preferred to live a quieter life off camera. “I like to joke around with people that I don’t do theater in normal life, I just like to be paid for my drama,” he said. “So when we do the show, we create drama. And so does Amy. We both do the same thing.”

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This comes after his recent appearance on the podcast First class authorship, he talked about producers doing “a lot of [time] compression. “Matt thinks it gives the impression that he and Amy are” always in each other’s throats “when they have been getting along for some time before an argument ensues.

Well, that East reality TV after all.

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