Listen to SiriusXM for $5 per month — plus get a free Echo Dot

SiriusXM has expanded well beyond its humble satellite radio origins. You no longer need a satellite radio in your car to experience Sirius – you can now catch it on a mobile app, in a browser, and even via Alexa or Google Home. SiriusXM is no stranger to offering truly attractive deals to woo new customers, and two are excellent at play right now. Here’s the first: For a limited time, you can get Three-month SiriusXM premiere streaming for a total of $ 15 – and you get a free Echo Dot, Too.

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SiriusXM has two levels of streaming

Essential and Premier (yes, Sirius has a lot of subscription plans), and this offer is for high-level Premier. This lets you access more than 300 channels on your phone and in a browser (but not on your car radio). It distributes ad-free music, news, talk radio, entertainment and more. You get not one, but two channels dedicated to Howard Stern, as well as the NHL and NCAA play-by-play and talk channels.

Premiere usually costs $ 13 per month, but the deal gives you serious $ 5 per month. And you’ll also get that $ 50 third-generation Echo Dot for free. At the end of the promo period, your membership becomes $ 13 per month until you cancel.

Pretty sure you want to keep SiriusXM for some time, and would like to lock in a good price for a full year? Well, you can also get SiriusXM select $ 5 per month for the entire 12 months, and you will receive that free dot, Too.

SiriusXM Select includes both in-car satellite and out-of-car streaming. You get over 325 channels, every MLB and NBA game, with limited NHL, NCAA and PGA Tour coverage. Want Howard Stern? Your Howard Stern is also included in this plan.

SiriusXM Select typically costs $ 17 per month, so it’s a savings of $ 144. But don’t forget to bargain at $ 50 for the Echo Dot (third-generation), so it’s really like saving $ 194. That said, the dot gets missed so often that one could argue that it is not appropriate to add it to the price. I will leave you, Either way, it’s a great deal.

To take advantage of any deal, you have to become a new SiriusXM customer.

First published earlier this year. Updated with new deal details.


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