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List of Katy Perry Songs: There are plenty of Katy Perry songs in recent time that has become very popular. If anything, Perry has become a huge star for a variety of great reasons:

  • She is not afraid to be sensual or in the mood for a good man. She is always heard in her music that she’s looking for a great man and isn’t going to stick with just anyone.
  • She’s also very positive in terms of getting by in life. She’s never afraid of rejection or being let down by others. Simply put, she’s strong and powerful.
  • She also holds her influences to her sleeve. When listening to her work, you can hear plenty of 1980s influences alongside with a few from today’s hottest electronic artists. She is truly a performer for today who still respects what came before her.

The various songs that she has released are certainly amazing. Just listen to some of the many Katy Perry greatest hits that have come about over the years. These are songs that are still making their rounds everywhere from streaming services to stadiums to satellite radio and even retail stores.

List of Katy Perry Songs
LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 03: Katy Perry attends the European Premiere of ‘Katy Perry Part Of Me’ at Empire Leicester Square on July 3, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)


Katy Perry Roar SongAlbum Roar is an exciting song for how it’s all about moving forward no matter what comes about. Roar is about the need to go ahead with life and to be strong no matter what happens. It’s always about making your voice heard above everything else in the world.


Katy Perry Firework SongThis is another rather inspirational song from Perry. The song is about looking forward and being strong no matter what happens. While you might feel down and out, you are still truly unique from everyone else. As the song says, it is up to you to rise up and to become a stronger person.

I Kissed a Girl

Katy Perry I Kissed A GirlOne of her first big hits, this song is something relative to her more sensual side. She admits that she’s not afraid to try something new even if it’s something unusual. In this case, she’s just looking to kiss a girl and have fun with doing so.

California Gurls

Katy Perry California GurlThis is one of those summer songs that people love to this day. The song features some appealing imagery of enjoying the summer without a care in the world. It’s about finding attractive women and having fun with the body. The added guest verse by Snoop Dogg also adds a bit of style to the song.

Last Friday Night

Katy Perry ImageKnown particularly for its heavily 1980s-inspired music video, this song definitely showcases Perry’s interest in culture from the decade of excess and big music. The song has a fun beat and always gets people looking forward to the weekend. The fun saxophone solo during the song especially adds a touch of flair.


Katy Perry ImageThis song is more inspired by dubstep and drum and bass songs. This is about Perry as she falls in love with someone who is completely foreign to her and unique. It’s like the experience that comes with dating an alien from far out of this world. To make things even more interesting, Kanye West shows up for his own guest verse.


Katy Perry ImageThis is one of Perry’s more conventional love songs. It’s about how she loves someone in her life and knows that she’s always going to be there for that person. After all, the person that she loves is just as committed to her. This has a lighter tone to it but it builds up to having a more atmospheric sound to it as it moves along. This makes it one of the more memorable songs in Perry’s lineup of songs.


Katy Perry BirthdayConsidered to be a “nu-disco” song, this is a more sexual song about the thrill of having a birthday. While it’s a little more sensual than many of her other songs, it still has a fun sound that reflects the excitement of a great birthday party. The video, which features Perry in disguise as various birthday party characters like an odd animal trainer and a hacky Jewish comedian, is especially entertaining.

Song Album Year
Roar Prism 2013
Firework Teenage Dream 2010
I Kissed a Girl One of the Boys 2008
California Gurls Teenage Dream 2010
Last Friday Night Teenage Dream 2010
E.T. Teenage Dream 2010
Unconditionally Prism 2013
Birthday Birthday



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