110+ Unique Lion Tattoo Designs with Meaning [2019]

If you are going for a robust and striking yet meaningful tattoo then getting a lion tattoo is your safest bet. For thousands of years, various cultures around the world see Lions similarly due to their ferocity in the wild. Because of the Lions’ fame, they became an essential and admirable symbol to many which eventually led them to become an excellent tattoo design choice.

Urban Body Jewelry

Blue Eyes Geometric Lion

Geometric Lion Tattoo Color

This tattoo suggests that there is a colorful side to what seems to be a tamed character.

Geometric Lion With Red Flower

Geometric Lion Tattoo Artist

In Greco-roman mythology, lions symbolize love which is nicely established in this tattoo because of its red flower design expressing desire and passion.

Contemporary Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo Blue

The lion tattoo’s pattern conveys the fragmented nature of the tattooee while its contemporary design makes it appealing to everyone.

Geometric Pointillism Lion Cub

Geometric Lion Cub Tattoo

The composition of the tattoo’s geometric shapes gives off a young looking cub. This tattoo means that the tattooee places importance on youthfulness.

Lion Tattoo: Which Body Part Should You Have It?

There are many places on the body you can choose to place your lion tattoo, but the famous ones are the following: sleeves, arm, chest, finger, hand, and thigh. These placements are chosen more often because of their high visibility. Since a lion tattoo provides you with a strong and fierce look, placing it on your arm, hand, fingers, on your ankle, makes it immediately noticeable while if you put it on your chest, thigh, or shoulder gives the tattoo limited exposure but creates a more powerful impact when others see it. Take some time to decide whether you’d like to make your lion tattoo easily noticed or give it a slightly covert placement but with an impactful meaning.

Lion Tattoo Sleeve

Placing your tattoo on your sleeve makes it easy for people to see. Because of the sleeve’s considerable area coverage, you can combine your lion tattoo with other designs such as with other animals and symbols to add more meaning to the whole tattoo.

Angry Lion King
Lion King Tattoo Sleeve

The lion in this tattoo wears a crown on his scarred face which indicates achieving greatness requires hard work, sacrifice, and blood and sweat.

Greco-Roman Lion Tattoo
Lion Sleeve Tattoo Black And White

This particular tattoo got its inspiration from Greco-roman mythology since lions symbolize love and masculinity in their culture.

Fierce Animals Sleeve Tattoo
Lion Sleeve Tattoo Pinterest

In this tattoo, the lion goes along with the other ferocious animals in the jungle such as the eagle, tiger, and leopard.

Roaring Lion Tattoo with Rose
Lion Tattoo Arm Sleeve

This tattoo expresses passion and desire for love.

Lion Head with Moon Tattoo
Lion Tattoo Half Sleeve

The moon symbolizes wonder and balance. Consequently, this tattoo suggests that beneath the lion’s ferociousness, and fearlessness is a calm and composed individual.

Lion with Angel Tattoo
Lion Tattoo Sleeve

The lion is also a symbol of security which we can see in this tattoo where the lion is guided by the guardian angel.

Renaissance Sleeve Tattoo
Lion Tattoo Sleeve Designs

This is another tattoo symbolizing authority and protection of the lion together with the angel, warrior, and his chariot.

Scarred Lion Head
Lion Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

The lion’s scars represent the tattooee’s mental scars he acquired throughout his life.

Realistic Lion Head with Roses
Mens Lion Tattoo Sleeve

This tattoo expresses love, passion, and religious morals. The sleeve placement of this tattoo will undoubtedly steal the attention of anyone near you.

Statuelike Lion Head in Sky
Roaring Lion Tattoo Sleeve

Statuelike lion tattoos represent unwavering strength and courage while its sky background represents heaven.

Lion with Different Animals Sleeve Tattoo
Traditional Lion Tattoo Sleeve

This tattoo contains a lion, a rhinoceros, an elephant, a cheetah, and a bull which are some of the hardest and strongest animals in the animal kingdom.

Lion Head with Human Eye
Tribal Lion Tattoo Sleeve

This tattoo contains a lion’s head and a crying human eye which implies that tough and driven individuals also have a soft side deep inside.

Lion Tattoo on Arm

Forearm tattoos represent toughness and strength because of its prominent placement.

Lion Eyes on Forearm

This tattoo reminds people that you have eye’s watching your back because of its unique placement on the end of the forearm.

White Eyes Shoulder Lion Tattoo
Tribal Lion Tattoo On Arm

The unusually cold look of the lion in this tattoo embodies the calm yet dangerous personality of the man.

Realism Forearm Lion Head
Traditional Lion Tattoo Sleeve

The lion’s yellow eye certainly is intimidating and scary while its placement on the forearm makes it very visible to anyone in front of you.

East Asian Lion Head Arm Tattoo
Tattoo Of A Lion On Arm

This beautiful tattoo is inspired by East Asian designs of the lion which gives it a more serious look because of its cold stare.

Lion With Crown Forearm Tattoo
Small Lion Tattoo On Arm

This lion tattoo has a contemporary looking crown and head armor giving it a more subdued look.

Traditional Lion King Tattoo
Lion With Crown Tattoo On Arm

Unlike most lions with crown tattoos, this lion has no scars.

Roaring Lion Tattoo on Forearm
Lion Tattoo Sleeve Meaning

A roaring lion overcoming the heights of a mountain intends everyone in its area to feel its presence.

Cartoon Lion with Crown
Lion Tattoo On Arm Tumblr

The cartoonish portrayal of this lion makes it look more two-dimensional without sacrificing its nasty look because of its angry stare.

Colorful Lion and Galaxy Tattoo
Lion Tattoo On Arm Girl

The colorful lion with the galaxy as its background signifies the tattooee’s grand ambitions.

Green-Eyed Roaring Lion
Lion Tattoo Designs On Arm

The lion’s anger is intensified by its wild green eyes and ravenous growl.

Old Lion Tattoo on Forearm
Lion Forearm Tattoo

This tattoo represents a more mature and perceptive personality due to its calm and old-looking lion head.

Colorful Old Lion Tattoo on Arm
Lion Face Tattoo On Arm

The colorful lion head’s placement on the top of the shoulder makes less visible when wearing a shirt but undoubtedly noticeable when wearing a sleeveless one.

Lion Tattoo on Hand

Hand tattoos are not familiar, and they symbolize boldness and courage, and inking in a lion design enhances its visual impact.

Roaring Lion Tattoo on Hand
Lion Face Tattoo On Hand

His roaring lion tattoo boosts the boldness of the tattooee.

Brown Lion Tattoo
Lion Head Tattoo On Hand

The brown color of the lion’s head complements the skin making the tattoo look more artistic.

Roaring Cartoon Lion Head
Lion King Hand Tattoo

The angry roar of the lion in this tattoo is balanced out by the cartoonish design.

Serious Lion Hand Tattoo
Lion Tattoo Designs On Hand

The lion’s serious look paired with its prominent placement certainly makes you look distinct.

Roaring Lion with Rose Hand Tattoo
Lion Tattoo On Hand

This tattoo is oozing with strength and passion because of its roaring lion and large rose design.

Lion Head with Girl on Hand
Lion Tattoo On Hand Girl

You can also put a complementing design in your other hand to give your lion design a partner.

Growling Lion Head
Lion Tattoo On Hand Meaning

This lion’s old and gloomy look gives out a sharp yet strong impact.

Colorful Fiery Lion King
Lion Tattoo On Hand With Crown

The lion’s king stature with its fiery eyes adds up to its tyrannical touch even more.

Anguished Lion on Hand Tattoo
Roaring Lion Tattoo On Hand

The troubles of the one who had this tattoo are embodied by this tattoo due to its distressed mood.

Chinese Lion Palm Tattoo
Small Lion Tattoo On Hand

The tattoo’s minimal Chinese lion design sends chills to my spine whenever I look at it because of its icy stare and very sharp fangs.

Mature Lion Hand Tattoo
Tattoo Of Lion On Hand
Roaring Lion with Name
Lion Tattoo On The Hand

You can also put your name above your lion tattoo to give it a more obvious meaning.

Lion Tattoo on Chest

Chest Lion Tattoos are not visible when clothed, and are more meaningful because of their less obvious placing.

Two Lions and Crown
Full Lion Chest Tattoo

The standing lions with the crown in the middle make the tattoo look royal and noble.

Cubism Lion Head on Chest
Geometric Lion Tattoo On Chest
Lion Head and Roots
Lion Chest Tattoo
Lion Versus Cheetah
Lion Chest Tattoo Designs

This tattoo which depicts the clashing of personalities has a powerful impact because of its portrayal of the facing off of two powerful, angry beasts.

Angry Lion Head on Man’s Chest
Lion Chest Tattoo Meaning
Chinese Lion Head Chest Tattoo
Lion Face Chest Tattoo

This is another Chinese guardian lion depiction which closely resembles a dragon.

Blue Abstract Lion Head
Lion Face Tattoo On Chest

Give your lion tattoo a more classy look by employing an abstract design with a different color.

Roaring Lion with Date
Lion Head Tattoo On Chest

This chest tattoo is given more meaning because of the dates inscribed beside the roaring lion.

Abstract Lion with Compass
Lion Tattoo On Chest

The lion with a compass tattoo outlines the person’s strong desire to find his life’s direction.

Colorful Asian Lion Chest Tattoo
Geometric Lion Tattoo On Chest

The lion’s colorful design is balanced out by its calm mood.

Lion with King Tattoo on Chest
Lion Tattoo On Chest Meaning

This tattoo implies that you are the king of your life and you are as fierce as a lion.

Lion Head with Samoan Design
Lion Tattoo On Mans Chest
Lion Versus Panther Chest Tattoo
Lion Tattoo On My Chest
Realism Roaring Lion on Chest
Roaring Lion Tattoo On Chest

Lion Tattoo on Thigh

Placing a lion tattoo on the thigh is often a symbolism of the person’s sentiments because of its private placing.

Lion Family Thigh Tattoo
Female Lion Tattoo On Thigh

The tattooee’s love for his family is indeed represented in this thigh tattoo.

Realistic Roaring Lion on Thigh
Lion Face Tattoo On Thigh
Surreal Lion Head
Lion Head Tattoo On Thigh

This lion tattoo is unique because of the lion’s different blue color.

Solemn Lion King on Lower Thigh
Lion King Thigh Tattoo
Lion and Cub Tattoo
Lion Tattoo On Legs

This tattoo represents the father’s ultimate love for his son.

Statue Lion and Church Lower Thigh Tattoo
Lion Tattoo On Side Of Thigh

The statue lion under the church tattoo means that the tattooee has an unshakable faith in God.

Fierce Lion and Clock
Lion Tattoo On Thigh

The tattoo’s lion, clock, and skull design suggest that the lion has to be strong despite being constrained by both time and death.

Monochromatic Lion
Lion Tattoo On Thigh Meaning
Geometric Lion Head on Upper Thigh
Lion Tattoo On Upper Thigh
Running Lion Thigh Tattoo
Lion Thigh Tattoo

The running lion tattoo signifies being an unstoppable force due to its racing action.

Roaring Lion Tattoo on Thigh
Lion Thigh Tattoo Design
Blue Eyes Lion Head on Lower Thigh
Lion Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Lion Tattoo on Finger

Finger lion tattoos are very rare because of their placement and is an excellent choice for people who want a small but noticeable tattoo.

Lion King with Ring Crown

You can give this finger tattoo different looks since you can easily swap multiple rings to make it look like the lion’s crown.

Lion and Wolf on Girl’s Fingers
Small Lion King Finger Tattoo
Simple Lion Head on Middle Finger
Cara Delevigne’s Lion Tattoo

Lion finger tattoos are becoming more famous because of Cara Delevigne’s influence.

Lion Tattoo on Pointing Finger
Lion Face Tattoo On Finger
Couple Finger Lion Tattoo
Lion Finger Tattoo Couple

Getting a lion and lioness couple tattoo undoubtedly strengthens your relationship with your significant other.

Lioness Head Tattoo
Lion Head Tattoo On Finger
Snow Lion Finger Tattoo
Lion Tattoo On Finger Meaning

The snowy state and cold look of the lion certainly adds a more subdued and feminine look to its wearer.

Dark Roaring Lion on Finger
Lion Tattoo On Your Finger
Ancient Lion Tattoo Design on Finger
Small Lion Tattoo On Finger
Simple Lion Head on Girl’s Finger
Lion Finger Tattoo

Final Thoughts on Getting a Lion Tattoo

Getting a lion tattoo is undoubtedly an excellent choice for people who are new to tattoos. Lions symbolize bravery and strength which every one of us needs to conquer our fears in life. There is also a lot of places you can put your tattoo on depending on how noticeable you want your tattoo to be.

Take your time in deciding what kind of design you want and which part of your body you’d like to place your tattoo because it will eventually pay off. To gain more design inspiration, you can also look at different lions and see which kind of lion fits your design best. Also, always try to consult your tattoo artist every step of the way since they have more experience and knowledge. If you want other designs and inspirations for your next tattoo, you can check out our other articles!

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