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What is Link Neal’s net worth?

Link Neal is an American YouTube comedian, YouTube celebrity as well as an actor, with the net worth of 20 million. Link Neal is best known as the half-member of Rhett and Link, the Internet comedy team Rhett and Link with Rhett McLaughlin. They are known for their viral videos as well as songs of comedy and their TV show Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings that was broadcast through the Independent Film Channel. They’re among the top-rated and most-highly paid YouTubers in the world. They earned the sum of $20 million which makes them one of the most lucrative YouTube celebrities worldwide. Their company, Mythical Entertainment Co. employs around 100 employees. They run a fan club that charges between $10 and $20 per month for access to exclusive information.

Early Life

Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III was born in Boone Trail, North Carolina to Charles Lincoln Neal II and Sue Capps on June 1 in 1978. At the age of two old, his parents separated. Sue got married to her high school love, Jimmy Capps, and they settled in Buies Creek in North Carolina.

He first met Rhett McLaughlin who was his partner on the Rhett and Link YouTube channel on the evening of September 4 1984. It was the very first day of 1st class in Buies Creek Elementary School located in Buies Creek North Carolina. Two boys were into trouble after making profane words on their desks. The first grade teacher, Mrs. Locklear made students stay indoors for recess in order to punish them. They were required to color images of mythical beasts and creatures such as Paul Bunyan and unicorns. They became the best of pals.

Link previously described his and Rhett’s relationship as comparable to twins with fraternal bloodlines who had been separated from birth. Link attended the same primary school Middle school, elementary, and the high college, Harnett Central High School and Rhett.

At the age of 14, Rhett and Link were 14years old, they wrote their screenplay “Gutless Wonders” and started developing a film around the script. The film was only made up of a handful of scenes, and did not finish the movie. The script was read many years later, on several seasons in the show “Good Mythical Morning.” At the time of High school Rhett Link and Link shot a parody that lasted 25 minutes of the tale that was Oedipus Rex. Rhett played Oedipus as well as Link was the servant of his father.

In high school, they were part of a punk band named The Wax Paper Dogz. While in the high school years, Link along with Rhett made the commitment to each other in a blood bond, vowing to accomplish something “Big” and “Awesome” with each other in the near future. Both of them were accepted into North Carolina State University, in which they were roommates. Link completed his studies at NC State University with a diploma of Industrial Engineering in 2000. After graduation, Link went to work at IBM briefly before deciding to start his own YouTube channel alongside Rhett completely.

YouTube Career

Presently, Rhett and Link are the OG YouTube stars. They host the wildly popular program The Good Mythical Morningon which they consume things such as Cheetos and flavored pop-tarts. They own four channels as well as a podcast and two books.

in 2006 Rhett posted “Wolfpack or Tarheels?” to his own YouTube channel. The clip was uploaded by the 3-year-old boy crying after it was the North Carolina State Wolfpack lost their game of rivalry with the North Carolina Tar Heels. YouTube requested Rhett to include the video on their homepage, however Rhett as well as Link requested that to feature one of their tracks rather than being known for it, not as the video that went viral. The video was deleted for unknown reasons, and they posted it on their Rhett and Link channel.

Rhett Link and Rhett Link began their journey on YouTube on the 18th of September 2008. Since January, 2020 the channel Good Mythical Morning has over six billion views and over 16 million subscribers. The channel’s description reads: “Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.”

After their video was featured on YouTube’s homepage, and then their subsequent publication of “The Facebook Song” (their most watched video in the past some time), Rhett & Link made their presence felt on the internet. The month of September 2012 Rhett and Link posted an audio clip of them performing “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie, recording over 11 hours of video, beginning at 7:25 pm Eastern Time at the Santa Monica Pier and ending the recording in the late hours at 6:45 am at Mt. Wilson.

The top-rated video clips in the Good Mythical Morning channel as in the early part of 2020 include “Eating a Scorpion – Bug War Challenge” which has more than 27 million views. Also “Amazing Game Show Cheaters,” which also has more than 27 million views, and “World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge – Carolina Reaper” that has over 26 million viewers. In June of 2019 the top-rated videos on their channel were “My OCD (Song)” which has more than 49 million views. It was being followed by “Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek” which has nearly 44 million views as well as “I’m On Vacation (Song)” featuring more than 29 million viewers.

The pair had their own television show called “Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings,” which ran through the Independent Film Channel. It chronicled the journey of Rhett Link and Rhett while they traveled across the nation creating local ads for small-scale businesses. The comedy, ten parts long, was inspired by their popular web-based show I Love Local Commercials.

Rhett and Link received the Shorty Award in 2016 for the Best Web Series for Good Mythical Morning.

The 22nd of February on the 21st of February the news was announced the fact that Rhett Link and Rhett purchased their SMOSH label (Smosh, Smosh Games, Smosh Pit and ElSmosh) following the announcement that the former parent company of Smosh, Defy Media, had entered liquidation. Ian Hecox, the co-founder of Smosh revealed his plans as part of its Mythical Entertainment banner, the channel will be granted full artistic liberty and would create its own podcast called the SmoshCast. The company reportedly spent $10 million for the acquisition of SMOSH.

My Life

In his senior year of university, Link met Christy White at a rollerskating park. The couple was married in the year 2000, in Kinston, North Carolina. The couple has three children, Lillian Grace Neal, Charlies Lincoln Neal IV and Lando James Neal.


In the year 2019, Rhett and Link earned the sum of $18 million through their many ventures. This made their YouTube duo the fourth highest-rated YouTubers worldwide during the year. The year 2020 saw them earn 20 million dollars.

Real Estate

in 2015, Link as well as his spouse bought $1,265,000 (2015) for a newly renovated 1960 house with a speculative architectural vernacular located on .29-acre of land located in La Crescenta, a Los Angeles suburb of La Crescenta. The house is 338 square feet and has 3 bedrooms as well as 2.5 bathrooms. It also has a spacious master bedroom with high-gloss hardwood flooring in the master bedroom, and a tub inside the bathroom. The backyard has an outdoor swimming pool. The $1.265 million that he spent was more than $70,000 over the price he was asking for. The house is located set in a quiet cul-de -sac, close to Rhett and his family’s house located in the same La Crescenta neighborhood.

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