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Lin-Manuel Miranda Responds to ‘Hamilton’ Disney+ Backlash

  • Hamilton was put online on Disney + the weekend of July 4.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda has been criticized for some of the content in the musical, some claiming that it glorifies slavery.
  • Lin-Manuel responded to criticism a few days later, saying that everyone’s opinion was valid.

    If you had nothing to do during the weekend of July 4 (the same) and are lucky enough to get a Disney + subscription (also the same), chances are you were delighted to watch finally Lin-Manuel Miranda’s. Hamilton in high definition. But as great as it is for people who have never had a chance to see the musical, some people have expressed concern about certain parts of the production.

    Lin-Manuel organized a viewing evening on his Twitter account to speak with the fans while watching the film. For the most part, people were really on the ball, but there was a backlash because some felt that the musical glorified the founding fathers of the United States and their past as slave owners. And on top of that, some critics have said Hamilton does not accurately portray American history.

    Lin-Manuel briefly put his Twitter private after his viewing group went south, but responded to criticism in a Twitter message three days later. Writer Tracy Clayton tweeted, “I’m late with Hamilton critical stuff and I’m clearly biased but … I really like this conversation going on. Hamilton the play and the film were given to us in two different worlds and our willingness to question things in this way seems to be a clear sign of change. “

    “I appreciate you very much, @brokeymcpoverty,” replied Lin. “All the criticisms are valid. The tonnage of complexities and failures of these people that I could not get. Or struggled with but cut. I took 6 years and adapted as much as possible to a 2.5 hour musical. I did my best. Everything is just game. “

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    At the end of the day, let’s remember that Lin-Manuel – although he is a fantastic playwright – is a human being subject to error like the rest of us. And criticism can open a productive discourse, which is ultimately great!

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