Lil Romeo’s Net Worth in 2020

What is Lil Romeo’s net worth?


Lil Romeo is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur and model from New Orleans. Miller became known as a rapper in the early 2000s after signing with No Limit Records, then owned by his father, Master P.

In 2020, Lil Romeo’s net worth was around $ 20 million.


Percy Romeo Miller was born on August 19, 1989 in New Orleans. Miller’s father is also the CEO of the hip-hop label, “No Limit Records”.

Her siblings include Cymphonique Miller, Tytyana Miller, Mercy Miller, Veno Miller, Hercy Miller, Valentino Miller, Italy Miller and Inty Miller. Her sister Cymphonique Miller is a popular singer and actress.


Lil Romeo started his rap career at the age of four when he started to sing in the records of his father Master P. In 2001, he released his first album “Lil” Romeo “. In 2002, he released his second album “Game Time”.

Simultaneously, he ventured to act in films like “Big Move by Max Keeble” and in the 2003 film, “Honey”, where he played opposite Jessica Alba. He has also appeared on television shows.

He collaborated with his brother Valentino Miller and his cousins ​​Lil ‘D, Willie J and C-Los and formed the group’ Rich Boyz ‘. The group released their first album ‘Young Ballers: The Hood Been Good to Us’, in 2005.

In 2009, he released a compilation of songs called “Get Low LP” to promote “I Am No Limit”. It was ranked # 149 on the Billboard 200 with 5,000 copies sold.

He founded a new group by name, “RESQ3” and they plan to release an album in the near future in 2012. As a prelude, the group has released the single “The Only One”.

In 2020, Lil Romeo’s net worth was $ 20 million.

Strong points

Here are some of the best moments from Lil Romeo’s career:

  • My Baby (Song, 2001)
  • Game Time (Album, 2002)
  • Honey (Film, 2003)
  • Romeoland (Album, 2004)
  • My Cinderella (Song, 2004)
  • Intelligent Hoodlum (Album, 2011)

Favorite Lil Romeo Quotes

“I feel like my biggest competition is myself. Many children are caught in the comparison game – comparing themselves to Michael Jackson, comparing themselves to Michael Jordan. You must be your best. You have to overcome your own fears. Romeo Miller Myself Best You Game Dreams can come true. ” – Romeo Miller

“People don’t understand that being a child star is very difficult because first of all, to be a child star, you have to be very unique. These kids are good at being able to do it at such a young age. At the same time, you are under pressure from bullying and many people do not understand. ” – Romeo Miller

“With technology, you can now be your own record company, director, producer, etc. If you have talent, you can post it on the Internet and the world will tell you what it thinks in seconds!” – Romeo Miller

“I don’t think anyone has limits. Everything is in your head. If you have a big dream, go for it and go for it. ” – Romeo Miller

“My father and my uncles were still in my home studio. Romeo Miller Dad House Always Used We would do songs and the producers said we should play them for my father. I was a little scared, I didn’t know what to think because we were joking. ” – Romeo Miller

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3 inspiring lessons from Lil Romeo

Now that you know everything about Lil Romeo’s net worth and how he succeeded; Let’s take a look at some of the most solid lessons we can learn from it:

1. Everyone goes through the pain

When someone comes to you because of their pain, listen to them and help them if you can.

Overcoming your pain only makes you stronger and wiser, and in hindsight, you will be thankful for what you learned when you left.

2. Everything can be accomplished these days

Never stop to pursue your dreams. It’s possible … more possible than you can imagine. It all depends on you and how much you want it.

3. Take the time

Find a quiet place with beautiful landscapes where you can just sit, drink your coffee or tea, relax and think.


Romeo Miller is one of the youngest celebrities, who gained popularity as a rapper even during his childhood.

He comes from a family of rappers, his father Master P, and his uncles Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder, all are popular rappers. He is also interested in the creation of fashion which made him launch a clothing line called “College Boyys”.

In 2020, Lil Romeo’s net worth was around $ 20 million.

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