Lil Nas X, James Charles React to Speculation About Their Relationship


Lil Ness then rolled out James’ outfits, which he wore to Coachella, telling him that his photo in the donkey was “on my timeline for weeks” at least in the chaps.

In response, James asked, “How did you feel about that dress?” To which Lil Nas said, “I thought it looked great.” (!!!)

James later returned the favor, praising the rapper over his sense of fashion. He told Lil Ness, “When you were on the red carpet for a brief moment your outfits were so sick, so quiet.”

As expected, the collaboration of artists fostered a lot of interaction on the Internet, with most of the talk revolving about the state of their respective relationships.

But Lil Ness respectfully reminded Twitter Users, “2 gay men can work together without anything.”

To hear the full conversation of Lil Nash X and James, watch the video above!


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