Like the seven days of the week, are the seven beauty tips as a treat.

Like the seven days of the week, are the seven beauty tips as a treat.

Day 1:

Besides following 3 steps of cleaning, toning and moisturizing start day one with massage. Give your body full massage. It will not only help in relaxation of tired muscles but will also help in gaining softness. Almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil can be a good choice to meet the purpose of relaxing massage. Start with foot massage slowly and gradually move on upwards and finish with a head massage.

Day 2:

Go for a body and face scrubbing. This will clear all the dead skin and will help in getting the supple skin. There are many body and face scrubs available in the market, which one can purchase from there according to their skin types. If one wants to use a homemade or natural scrub, then mix gram flour with rose water and milk. Apply it on the body and gently massage to bring out dead skin from the body.

Seven beauty tips
Seven beauty tips

Day 3:

Bleaching is that beauty treatment which is known for its effects after 2-3 days. One can visit a beauty parlor for bleach and if she wants to bleach at home, then she should not forget these. Which clean the face with cleansing milk and tie your hair properly so that it should not come on the face. The Skin may stretch out after bleach; apply cold cream or moisturizer after it.

Day 4:

Since yesterday you bleached your face, so it’s advised to do facial on day 4 of beauty treatment. There are ample facial kits available in the market ranging from fruit facial to gold facial. As it is a matter of face one should select the kit according to the skin type. Avoid going out in the sun after facial. Like bleach, facial effects are visible after 2-3 days. Never use soap after the facial.

Day 5:

Waxing, upper lip, and eyebrows can be done on 5th day. Keep in mind while getting your eyebrow shape as it should be according to your face cut and should enhance your beauty. Some females have very less eyebrow hair they can use an eyebrow pencil to highlight their brows.

If you want to have a haircut then 5th days is absolutely perfect for it as the hair will set in the coming two days and you will get your perfect look after 7 days. If you don’t want to get them cut at least go for a trim option. This will help you in getting rid of those ugly split ends.

Day 6:

This is the second last day and the hand and feet shows instant results so keep this day for manicure and pedicure. This extra handling will keep your hands and feet wonderful. After this beauty treatment one may go to the mehndi application as it takes 2 days for mehndi to show its original color.

If decided the dress, then it is advisable to apply nail paint on this day which matches your dress. Keep handy all the accessories and footwear which you have selected for the day. I wish can also enjoy hair spa to recover the damage done to the hair by coloring or cutting.

Day 7:

Last but not the least, today is the day of makeup to look gorgeous. Experiment with the makeup without forgetting to rub cold ice on your face before starting the makeup. This tiny tip will help in remain the makeup for a longer period. Choose an eyeshadow, blush on and lipstick which matches your dress color. If you have 7 days to attend a function try this 7-day carnival of beauty treatment and be prepared to earn that envious look and appreciation from others.

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