Leonard Nimoy Celebrated by Star Trek Fans on What Would’ve Been His 90th Birthday

Star Trek fans across the universe are paying tribute to late actor Leonard Nimoy on what would have been his 90th birthday. Known for playing Spock in the Star Trek universe throughout several decades, Nimoy’s would-be 90th birthday comes just days after his co-star William Shatner celebrated turning 90. Unfortunately, the two weren’t able to ring in their 90th birthdays together, as Nimoy passed away in 2015 at the age of 83.

On social media, fan tributes for Nimoy have been pouring in in memory of the Star Trek star. One fan writes: “Remembering and greatly missing #LeonardNimoy on what would’ve been his 90th birthday. What an incredible artist and human.”

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“LEONARD NIMOY would have been 90 years old today,” says another tweet. “His portrayal of Spock’s death in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN [is] one of the most iconic moments in Star Trek.”

“Today would have been Leonard Nimoy’s 90th birthday,” writes another Trekkie who was lucky enough to meet the legend one day. “When I was in the 8th grade, Nimoy sent me a get well card after I nearly died from Crohn’s Disease. in 2009, I was able to thank Nimoy at an eDiscovery event. The man was kind and represented the best of #StarTrek.”

With dozens of acting roles outside of the Star Trek universe, other Nimoy fans are looking back at some of these other performances as well. One fan tweet reads: “Make sure to celebrate Leonard Nimoy today, however you see fit. Born this day 1931. Pictured below as groovy Paris in Mission: Impossible and as the host of In Search Of …”

Another fan is remembering Nimoy the person with a look at his final post on Twitter. In February 2015, Nimoy posted that he would be sharing his poetry on his Twitter account starting from that day. Sadly, the actor died the day after posting his first and last poem. Called “You and I have Learned,” the poem ends with: “The miracle is this, the more we share… The more we have.”

In honor of what would have been Nimoy’s 90th birthday, another Star Trek fan posted Nimoy’s last-ever tweet that he posted shortly after the poem. The tweet from Nimoy says: “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.”

One of the greatest tributes of all comes from the Museum of Science in Boston, which celebrates “Leonard Nimoy Day” every single year on Nimoy’s birthday. It was revealed that a 20-foot-tall, illuminated stainless-steel statue of Spock’s ‘Live Long and Prosper’ hand gesture will be erected outside of the museum. A Boston native, the statue will be placed just three blocks away from where Nimoy grew up. Artist David Phillips is creating the monument.

“The ‘Live Long and Prosper’ symbol represents a message that my dad believed so strongly in,” said Julie Nimoy, Leonard’s daughter. “My dad always loved Boston and he would be honored knowing that the Museum of Science would be the permanent home to this memorial. The sculpture not only depicts one of the world’s most recognized and loved gestures for peace, tolerance, and diversity, but it will also be a beautiful tribute to my dad’s life and legacy.”

You can help support the construction of the ‘Live Long and Prosper’ statue at the official website for the Museum of Science. Meanwhile, today is also a great day to celebrate Nimoy’s memory, whether that means binging some of the original Star Trek series, checking out some of his other classic work like Mission: Impossible, or watching his legendary appearance on the “Marge vs. the Monorail” episode of The Simpsons. Happy heavenly birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

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