Leon Charney Rose To Billionaire Ranks By Teaching Himself

Late billionaire Leon Charney was a very interesting person. Officially, he is known as a lawyer and political pundit. However, perhaps his most important achievement is as a key figure in formalizing the Camp David peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979. Even more impressive, he attended the Camp David Accords in 1978 to teach everyone about Middle Eastern geopolitics. And 1979. Charney was also a writer, Jewish cantor, media personality and philanthropist. At the time of his death, he had a net worth of $ 1.3 billion and packed nearly four lifetime adventures into one of his own.

Leon Charni was born in 1938 into a Jewish family. He grew up in Beyoncé, New Jersey. His father Morris was a sewing supply seller. Leon died tragically when he was young. He and his mother Sarah were struggling financially while Leon was growing up. He attended a Jewish primary school and high school and was a camp counselor as a teenager. He received his bachelor’s degree from Yeshiva University and a law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His family was poor, so Leon paid his tuition from door to door by selling sewing machines and signing in meetings.

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He took the bar exam in 1965, a year after graduating from law school. Instead of going out and working for an established law firm, he took $ 200 (roughly equivalent to $ 1770) with his name today and started his own firm representing athletes and entertainment personalities. His clients included Sammy Davis Jr. and Jackie Mason. At the beginning of her legal career, Charney was integral in the passage of Good Samaritan Law, which provides legal protection to people who assist the injured, sick, or in some way helpless people who would otherwise be able to assist in fear They hesitate if inadvertent injury or wrongful death can be sued. Charney became involved in passing the law when he saw a man passing by in a public place and the attending doctors refused to help him because they did not want to sue if something went wrong.

When Charney was 36, she became the legal adviser and advisor of Senator Vance Hartke of Indiana. In this capacity, Charney became involved in international politics and diplomacy. In his six years with Hartke, he became friends with Israeli Prime Minister Golda Mir. Charney worked with him to liberate Soviet Jews and help to send them to Israel. Because of their work, 1,000 Jewish people migrated from Minsk to Israel. In the late 1970s, President Jimmy Carter asked Charney to advise him during the Camp David Accords. Charney advised President Carter from 1977 to 1981. He was also active in the 1986 negotiations that attempted to bring a peaceful close to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Yasser Arafat.

For 25 years, Charney hosted a national weekly TV talk show called “Leon Charney Report”. The show dealt with the Middle East, foreign affairs, New York politics, social issues, and popular culture. Guests on the show included Yitzhak Rabin, Ed Koch, Rudy Giuliani, and David Dinkins among many others. Charney has also written five books. Two of them were about Judaism and three were about the peace process between Israel and its Arab nation neighbors.

Charney was also an active and generous philanthropist. He donated $ 10 million to NYU’s Langone Medical Center in 2003 for a new cardiac wing. He is Leon H. of the University of Haifa. Charney is also the main beneficiary of the School of Marine Science. He allegedly donated more than $ 10 million to the university in 2007.

Charney was a Jewish canter and sang Jewish Sabbaths and celebrated Jewish high holidays in synagogues across America. She was married to Israeli-born woman Tzili Doran, who is the first cousin of model Bar Refaeli. The pair had twin boys, Mickey and grandson. Charni died on 21 March 2016 at the age of 78. He lived a wonderful, full, prosperous life and had 1.3 billion dollars to show. His memory can be a blessing to his family and friends.

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