Legion Is Free To Play & 50% Off This Weekend

Ubisoft is hosting a Free Weekend for Watch Dogs: Legion on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox; plus, a new sale knocks down the price by more than 50%.

From March 25 through March 29, Ubisoft will host a Free Trial Weekend for Watch Dogs: Legion on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. The free weekend comes at the perfect time, too, given the recent launch of Legion’s multiplayer mode and Tactical Ops on consoles. Unfortunately, a release for the PC version of Legion’s online component remains on an indefinite hold.

Originally set to release not long after the main game’s October 2020 rollout, the online component received a rather lengthy delay that allowed the development team to focus its efforts on ironing out persistent issues. The online mode finally went live earlier this month, though, as noted above, PC players can’t jump in just yet. In many respects, multiplayer is reinvigorating the overall experience, giving users something new to explore solo, cooperatively, or in PvP. Soon, even players who don’t own a copy of Watch Dogs: Legion will have the option to enjoy the campaign and multiplayer for themselves.

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In a post on its website, Ubisoft announced that from March 25 to March 29, all players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms will be able to take advantage of a Free Trial Weekend for Watch Dogs: Legion. The trial period will offer access to much of the single-player experience, including all open-world activities; however, the free weekend’s story content will come to an end whenever users reach the “Skye Larsen” mission. While free trial participants can try their hand at the multiplayer suite’s co-op and PvP options, Tactical Ops missions are only accessible via the full version.

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Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Pose

Fortunately, all progress will transfer to Legion’s full version, which Ubisoft is incentivizing players to purchase with discounts. From now until April 1, Xbox players can get 67 percent off the standard edition and 60 percent off the ultimate edition; from April 2 through April 15, both editions will receive 50 percent price drops. Meanwhile, from March 24 to March 31, PlayStation users can grab the standard edition at a 67 percent discount, the ultimate edition at a 60 percent discount, and the Season Pass at 25 percent off.

The free trial is a clever way of enticing newcomers to join the fun. How many people will take the bait remains to be seen, but the free weekend definitely seems worth a try. Players can jump into the experience without risk and determine for themselves whether or not the latest Watch Dogs entry is worth a financial investment.

A complete departure from the previous Watch Dogs installments, Legion doesn’t place players in the boots of one character. Instead, NPCs scattered throughout the game world are available for users to assume the role of, an effort that sees players regularly gaining a new perspectives.

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Watch Dogs: Legion is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

: Ubisoft News

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