LeBron James Has Become A Part-Owner Of The Boston Red Sox

LeBron James is set to make history by joining the Fenway Sports Group, which counts the Boston Red Sox (as well as many other entities including Liverpool Football Club, TV network NESN, Russia Fenway Racing, Fenno Sports Management and Fenway Park itself). ) For an undisclosed investment, according to a recent Boston Globe report.

According to a Boston Globe report, James and longtime business partner, Maverick Carter, bought both of them at FSG, making them both the first black partners in the company’s nearly 20-year history. The exact financial details of the investment are not public knowledge, but James and Carter are now part of a larger family of investors with stakes in the company, and in a statement to the press, James enthusiastically spoke of the growth:

“For me and my partner Maverick [Carter] The first two black men to be part of that ownership group in the history of that franchise – I think that’s great. “

Theo Wargo / NBC / Getty Images

James’s role with the Red Sox can be seen both publicly and in the boardroom, but it is understandable that someone with his public stature would want his involvement to be as forward-looking as possible. This may prove to be a bit complicated, as James is a fan of other ball teams such as the LA Dodgers and Cleveland Indians, and is most annoying to Red Sox fans, hating his New York.

Not to mention how crowded James’ plate is already, his time on the court, his myriad other business ventures and the sequel to his upcoming feature film “Space Jam”. But with the experience of performing so many responsibilities simultaneously, it is safe to say that he will be ready to handle more than one.

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