Leaked Image of Taylor Swift’s Sexual Abuse – Who leaked it?

Leaked Image of Taylor Swift’s Sexual Abuse – Who leaked it?

Taylor Swift, the famous pop star had reported an allege regarding sexual assault back in 2013. According to the top known pop star, in Denver, during a concert, DJ D Muller came backstage and posed for snapping a photo with Taylor. It was at that time; he did some annoying things, and she also claims that all the things were intentionally done.


Leaked Image of Taylor

A Detail of the Image

On a counter attack, Muller said that he was asked by security to leave the place. According to him, they might not have identified him. On the other end, Taylor tried to keep the images away from public, from the fear of scandal. She was also supported by a judge, in her action.

On the other hand, the image has been leaked by someone or some channel. Use of the picture in Trial depends on the source of leakage of it. Officially TMZ released the footage, but the source of putting the image is still unknown. According to the jury and the legal advisers, the images must not have been published, before the trial. Things won’t go in that way, where one tries to. The same thing happened in this case too.

Leaked Image of Taylor swift

There is another thing that has to be taken care here. One of the top support here is in the form of public opinion. Taylor is a star, and this leaked photo might divert her from her career. Hence, her fans and general public opinion can go a different way.

The image was treated as evidence by the judge. It was to be produced in the court at the right time. Now with the sudden release of the image by TMZ, it is causing serious inconvenience to both Taylor and even her lawyer.

About Taylor’s Image

Taylor Swift is a star, and she has a clean image among all. There has been not a single note of her actions on any of the media. Hence, this is a great support for her legal assistance. However, the act from her friend and well-wisher, the ex-DJ Mueller has shocked her. Suing at the court and winning the case is just to proof her clean image before the public, but the shock she felt in mind for the incidence has not faded away still now.

Leaked Image of Taylor swift

Progress of The Sue

She claimed that the deed from the renowned DJ is an intentional one and that she never thought, could happen. On the other hand, the image shows her to be inclined to the other side, and it even indicates that Mueller is putting his hand on Taylor’s butt. This is an embarrassing one for her. In fact, a clean image like Taylor’s must not be stamped with such things. Legal services will surely do what is to be done. It is time for Taylor to move on with her career and with her new relations.

The sue date is still not declared, and everyone is still looking at it. What has to be done and what not to be, under this condition, is still undecided. The leaked image of Taylor has escalated the case to a different level.

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