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Le-vel Thrive Review: How Does It Work and What Are the Benefits?

Self improvement is a drive that most people (at least to some extent) share. Our ability to understand where we are at, analyze where we want to be, and then conceptualize the steps to get there, is one of the defining traits that sets humanity apart. We want to improve. We want to get better. We want to progress. Unfortunately, in many cases, we end up standing in our own way.

Consider food.

The modern diet leaves a lot to be desired. Between including way too much sugar, too little nutrient density, high calories, low quality, and ever-expanding portion sizes, the food we eat may be slowly chipping away at our health and happiness. Even those who take a more health-conscious approach to what they eat may be shocked to discover that their nutritional profile is still lacking. The sad truth is that more than 90% of the US population suffers from nutrient deficiency. In other words, we eat too much of the wrong food and too little of the right nutrients.

Le-vel Thrive Review
Le-vel Thrive Review

But now, Le-Vel Thrive aims to change all of that.

What Is Thrive?

To the uninitiated, Le-Vel Thrive may seem like another flash-in-the-pan health-and-wellness business. But given Le-Vel’s decade-long upward climb of billions of dollars worth of success and more than 10 million customers and promoters, a lot of former naysayers are taking a second look. But when you get past the staggering accomplishment and growing popularity, what is Thrive really?

Le-Vel is a direct-sales company offering premium nutritional supplements. What really sets them apart from others in their space is the quality of the supplements, and the unique nutritional approach they incorporate into the Le-Vel Thrive Experience.

How Does Thrive Work?

Thrivers (as Le-Vel customers are called) follow a daily three-phase process consisting of Premium Lifestyle Capsules for either men of women (taken first thing in the morning), Ultra Micronized shake mix (taken 2–40 minutes later), and the Thrive Lifestyle Derma Fusion technology or DFT ( to be placed on a clean, dry patch of skin and replaced every 24 hours).

Used in conjunction, these products provide users with a boost first thing in the morning, followed by a steady infusion of vital nutrients throughout the rest of the day. But what kind of nutrients are we talking about?

What Ingredients Are in Le-Vel Thrive?

As mentioned above, the Thrive Experience is made up of multiple products. The Le-Vel site includes detailed ingredient and nutritional information on each of these products:

  • Thrive W
  • Thrive M
  • Ultra Micronized Shake Mix
  • DFT

Taking a look through these various ingredient lists, one thing becomes clear: Le-Vel is dedicated to using only natural, non-synthetic ingredients. Everything found in Le-Vel products is naturally d, and that means there are no mystery chemicals, placebos, or dangerous filler material.

Instead, Thrive contains the nutrients that the human body actually needs, but usually doesn’t get in the correct amounts — vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics. Additionally, Thrive products include plant extracts, such as green coffee extract, ginger, grape seed, garcinia cambogia, white-willow bark, and ForsLean (derived from the plant Coleus forskohlii, and shown to offer a range of health benefits).

Taken together, these ingredients help promote a healthier approach to nutrition.

What Are the Benefits of Thrive?

First and foremost, many of the benefits of the Thrive Experience are essentially the same benefits that come from maintaining an optimal nutritional profile. In other words, if you were able to eat all of the correct foods in the correct amounts at the correct times, then you would likely enjoy many of the benefits provided by the Thrive Experience. At the same time, the other ingredients offer additional advantages, particularly for those who are interested in not only eating well, but also improving other aspects of their lives.

Looking at what Le-Vel customers say on social media, the main benefits reported for Thrive products are support for cognitive performance, joint function, digestive function, and immune support as well as, appetite management, weight management, lean muscle support, and overall improved wellbeing.

Naturally, everyone has a different chemical makeup, and there’s no guarantee that every person will have the exact same experience. That said, thousands of Le-Vel Thrive reviews offer encouraging evidence that those who use Thrive products tend to see positive results.

Is It Just about Nutrition?

Although Le-Vel Thrive products are nutrition supplements, the Le-Vel Thrive Experience is something more. Le-Vel recognizes that correct nutrition is only part of the equation. This is why the Thrive Experience also incorporates personalized fitness and health goals, encouraging users to create ongoing plans to help them reach important health objectives.

Thrivers also enjoy the added support of the Le-Vel community, sharing and receiving encouragement, tips, and successes. And, for those Thrivers who wish to take the relationship further, they can easily make the transition into Le-Vel promoters, using their own experiences to sell Le-Vel products as independent sales representatives.

Can Le-Vel Help You Thrive?

In a world of cookie-cutter health-and-wellness plans, Le-Vel Thrive stands out as a novel approach to an age-old problem: How do you help people fill in the nutritional gaps that too often go unaddressed by modern diets? For satisfied Thrivers, the answer is one that’s worth getting excited about. The Thrive Experience is designed to help people improve themselves. And in the end, that’s something almost everyone can get behind.

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