11 Latest mehndi design beautiful mehandi designs

11 Latest mehndi design beautiful mehandi designs

11 Latest Mehndi design has always been first choice whenever its festival or wedding season. It is a tradition to apply Mehndi at hand and feet at the time of the wedding. Though it’s been applied by the bride at the various functions of wedding for ages, it is quite popular now as well. People prefer its application during festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Karwa Chauth, Navratri, Teej, Id and many more.

This has laid a massive scope of its application. You can see many creative artists mushrooming around the street. They are an expert in the field and apply different designs as per the need of the customers especially females. It is becoming a style statement these days where apart from bride its her cousins and close relatives who apply henna.

Mehndi Design
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Celebration and price range

There are many latest mehndi design that are popular, but the customer chooses it according to their celebration and price range. Usually small designs cost less than the massive and intricate designs. A newlywed gets her full arms and half legs carved with traditional Mehndi designs whereas others opt for small and short design engraved in the center of the hand or on the back of the hand. 

Application of Mehndi

Application of Mehndi on hands and feet is quite common. But now people have extended their choice of application to the upper part of the arms. We’re usually the sleeve of the attire ends, at their collar bone and even carving designs at the shoulder is seen these days. At the neck as a tattoo is also grabbing popularity these days. This trend is becoming quite popular amongst the younger generation who wish to have a temporary tattoo. Decorating fingers with the jewelry designs is also common and most opted amongst the people.

Mehendi Design
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Getting an impression of the tattoo at the wrist with the help of mehndi cone is also becoming common these days. The most attractive design are those that look like a tattoo such as 3 flying birds of different size, rose petal drawing, heart, etc. if you have any design in your mind you can tell them and they will make the designs exactly of your choice. A massive thanks to Bollywood and daily soaps that have brought this traditional culture into limelight.

Arabic Mehndi
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Though there are different styles and patterns that are going well with all attires but Arabic Mehndi designs are the designs that go well with any kind of attire you wear. Applying this Arabic Mehndi design during festivals like Diwali, Teej, Karva Chauth, Eid transforms a simple festival into big celebrations. This will add more colors and thrill to your life and day. For your quick access, here arenumerous  fascinating designs that will convert your simple occasion into special and memorable days-

  • Arabic Floral Mehndi designs-

Arabic Floral Mehndi designs
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Presently Arabic Mehndi designs are hot picks amongst the girls. They look for new and innovative designs for every occasion. Beautiful curves are the USB of this Mehndi pattern that makes it look more attractive. Various hues of colors and flower resemblance makes it look prettier No wonder it adds-on to the beauty of females. It is one of the most preferred designs by brides, as the design at hands and feet is good enough to make her look special on wedding day thus making it memorable.

  1. Simple Arabic Mehndi design-

Simple Arabic Mehndi design
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A person who is deeply in love with intricate designs can not ignore the charm of the simple Arabic Mehndi design. Clarity and creativity are the two strongest pillars of this art. To embellish your hand make a bunch of flower motifs despite of single flowers. Make simple designs instead of curls and twists. These are simple designs and the beautiful motif is repeated to make an attractive pattern. The Arabic Mehndi designs look magnificent when it is combined with jewelry like anklets, bangles, rings and thumb rings. Needless to say it increases the beauty of hand or feet that it embellishes.

  1. Glitter and stone Arabic Mehndi-

Glitter and stone Arabic Mehndi
Image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/hiralhenna/6535360975/

Mehndi alone looks complete and beautiful, but its beauty enhances when stones and glitters are used to decorate it. You can opt either for simple or intricate Arabian Mehndi designs to be decorated with these accessories. Use of these accessories will make your Arabic Mehndi look more intense. It has a power of transforming a simple design look attractive and glossy.

This can be modified according to the dress or the color of your outfit. Putting a similar nail art will no wonder help you grab a unique look. These kinds of designs are perfect for girls who wish to becomethe  center of attraction amongst the group. At one side applying Mehndi reveals your traditional side and the addition of sparkles and glitters shows off how modern you are. It helps you create a unique icon of this traditional art.


Application of Mehndi is an integral part of Indian tradition. Though many forms and styles are in fashion but the one that has grabbed more laurels stand out for Rajasthani mehndi which is most beautiful and intricate mehndi style. This style of mehndi depicts vrious tradition, folk, dance and colors of Rajasthani culture. The attraction of Rajsthani Mehndi lies in the real expression of various flowers, depiction of peacock in different styles,  leaves  especially mango leaves.  This is an effective way of depicting the Indian culture and tradition through this mode of beautifying various body parts.

Rajashtani Mehndi Design
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Moreover, the major attraction that binds customers to this art form is its mirror image. Like two hands, arms and feet the Mehndi designs are made exactly same on both the body part. The design stands as a mirror image of the other. As this depiction calls for more accuracy and expertise, Rajashthani Mehndi is the most difficult art form, yet popular.


src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Rajashtani-Mehndi-Design-Feet.jpg” alt=”Rajashtani Mehndi Design” width=”1000″ height=”955″ /> Rajashtani Mehndi Design

This intricate feet design is grabbing popularity because of the stones and sparklers that are used to beautify the Mehndi design. This design not only provide an attractive look but also presnts picture perfect view. Its mirror image on other feet makes it look more attractive.


Gujarat is not only the land of dhokla and fafras but also Gujarati Mehndi to add on its popularity in the nation. He most attractive feature of this Mehndi form is the elaborate and  ornate designs that has always qualified for the bridals first choice. It is rich in color and texture and amongst most beautiful and attractive Bridal designs. Cheque patterns, peacock pattern, bangles design and floral designs are just handfl to name that will force you to get it done on your hands without waiting for any occasion.

Gujrati mehandi designOut of this array of patterns, the most attractive is the rangoli pattern and the details that is added to the design. As it is the difficult type of style it is not easier for everyone to carry out this designs with ease. Due to its intricacy the designs look very pretty. Based upon tradition, some of the designs at the finger tips are left to symbolize the wedding ceremony.


Punjabi Mehndi no wonders has captured heart across the globe. The Indians living outside the nation don’t forget to apply this traditional form of art on to their arms and feet during wedding season. As the designs are intricate and attractive it takes lot of hard work to create perfect art work. It involves lot of time to get a designs imprinted on the hands or any other body part. This is the reason why it’s the most sought after style by maximum people.

Punjabi mehandi designNo wonder Punjabi Mehndi depicts the culture and tradition of Punjab. Special emphasis is paid to the patterns and lines. This is the reason why Punjabi Mehndi is most preferred Mehndi style by the college going girls. One of its most common styles is the bangles pattern around the hand. This makes them look fashionable yet simple.

Punjabi females never miss out any opportunity to apply Mehndi. Be it a Karwa Chauth, Raksha Bandhan, Navratries or any small or bigger get to gathers, Mehndi is applied irrespective of any special occasion as well, where ladies opt for bigger and bolder designs but the young girls look for small or circular patterns.


Marwari Mehndi no wonders depicts the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The design looks attractive because of the different patterns that are followed in it. Needless to say the designs are breath taking that’s why quite popular amongst the females for their wedding day or any other special occasion. It focuses on design for everyone. The patterns are based on themes like Dulha- Dulhan pattern for wedding couple, Karwa Chauth special, Krishna- Radha figures, Lord Shiva, Kalash, lotus and peacock and many more. The list is endless that can win your heart with the intricate and attractive designs.


Apart from ample pattern from various states of the country, Pakistanimehndi designs is also grabbing popularity these days. This art form has crossed the borders and successfully landed on the countries across the globe. With Pakistani serials and dresses style entered in almost every Indian house has laid a red carpet for Pakistani Mehndi designs. The special Id patterns are the one that is grabbing popularity these days.


Menhdi is not only applied at hands and feet of the brides but all females loved to get this unique art form to their hands at almost every occasion. These days Mehndi is becoming popular amongst all the females. They select their own patterns and get it done. Undoubtedly this industry hasgrownmuti folds. With Mehndi artists mushrooming around the corner has made this field quite competitive. With its growing popularity, the price of design is also increasing depending on the style, form and intricacy of designs.

Punjabi Mehndi DesignsKeeping price range in mind special designs are created or bride’s relatives so that they can meet their demands with low cost. Small patterns are kept for other girls and moderate patterns for ladies.

Golden tips for Mehndi

Once the Mehndi is applied, every female want it last long. She also wants her Mehndi to have the maximum color. There are many tips and tricks that help in getting long lasting and bold color. After application of Mehndi don’t forget to apply these tricks to catch an envious look-

Make sure that you don’t put your hand in water once your Mehndi design is applied

  • Once the Mehndi dries up remove me with the help of bunt knife. You may not need a knife to remove it as it will fall off on drying.
  • When your mehndi is about to dry. Mix a lemon juice with a little bit of sugar. Dab this liquid on your mehndi designs after 2-3 hours of its application.
  • Once you have removed the mehndi, the color is light. To make it look darker, lavishly apply mustard oil to the place of mehndi application.
  • For best results apply Mehndi at night.
  • Leave it overnight for better color.

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