Latest 25 Aari Work Blouse Design Catalogue (2022)

latest aari work blouse designs

Aari or kasuala work is very beautiful and uniquely done by the talented karigars. The work makes your dress look ethnic and very luxurious. This is why the aari work blouse designs are so popular for bridal wear and festival clothing for women.

Latest Aari Work Blouse Design Catalogue

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best aari work blouse design. This work is also known as maggam work, when the later is done with an aari needle.

1. Simple Aari Work Blouse Design

simple aari work Blouse design

The simple aari work blouse design have strings at the shoulder. Its peach colour is enticing and comes with elbow length sleeves. The chequered pattern has cut work on the sleeves makes it very beautiful. Such blouse designs are also replicated on cotton and velvet fabric, however here silk fabric is used in this aari work simple blouse design.

2. Aari Work Blouse With Hand Design

aari work blouse with hand design

This complete hand design and aari work blouse motif is done with the help of stones. Its pot shape neckline has stone embellishment and detailing on the short sleeves that are given check pattern with stone work.

3. Blouse With Mango Aari Work

Blouse with Mango aari work

Mango style aari work blouse designs are also very popular. Paisley work is seen intricately on the entire blouse. Thread and zari work makes it comes across as a beautiful piece of design. It is suitable blouse design for silk and pattu sarees.

4. Aari Work Blouse With Peacock Design

aari work blouse with peacock design

The dark green colour blouse has elbow sleeves with intricate pattern and peacock aari embroidery as well. The neckline is studded with stones and zari work. That exclusive work adds more beauty to this blouse. It has a Deep U cut with a peacock pattern. The sleeves are stone studded and such patterns are appropriate for silk and Pattu silk sarees.

5. New Aari Cut Work Blouse

Newly owned cut work blouse

Lavish cutwork design has sheer fabric at the back and cut work. The cut work design makes it very modern and stylish looking. The blouse has heavy embroidery in gold colour. The length of the sleeves is elbow till and are given embroidery, pearl and stone work.

6. Blouse with Aari Embroidery Mango Design

Blouse with aari embroidery mango design

The Paisley designs are carved out using Zari and Stone work. One half of the part of the blouse the pastries are drawn and on the other half small size paisleys in green colour are used. It is a brocade Silk blouse with short sleeves. Such blouse designs are suitable for silk and wedding silk sarees.

7. Modern Aari Work in Pattu Pavadai

Modern aari work in pattu pavadai

The beautiful and modern blouse has neatly and exquisitely done work on this design. The pattern on the sleeves has zari, embroidery and stone work. The basic colour is a light green which looks good on a pink base fabric. The silk blouse is perfect for the small girls.

8. Latest Peacock Design Aari Work Blouse

latest peacock design aari work Blouse

Short sleeve length blouse has been given peacock pattern on the sleeves. This makes it very unique and different. Design of this latest blouse has pearls and little trinkets. It has stones and pearl chain work with heavy thread embroidery.

9. Simple Neck Pattern Aari Work Blouse

simple neck pattern aari work blouse

Simple neckline pattern involves the work with zari and gold beads. On the sleeves, the extensive and neat elephant motif in circular design is seen. The main color is light gold with green. It is a very beautiful and unique looking blouse with minimal designing and striking features. Shoulder strings are there in this round deep neckline. The latkans are used in the shape of balls wrapped in velvet fabric. It is one of the best royal looking velvet blouse designs.

10. Aari Work Jhumka Blouse Pattern

Aari Work Jhumka Blouse Pattern

Jewellery pattern on a silk fabric is getting popular. The neckline is adorned with tiny gold beads and zari work. It has got Jhumka pattern with exclusive embroidery in gold and red with gold beads. The work is grand looking and such blouses are perfect to go with silk sarees and lehengas. Its boat shape neckline is another feature which makes it very modern and stylish looking. Such designs are better to replicate on silk and velvet fabric.

11. Full Aari Work Blouse Design

Full owned work blouse design

This elephant and pearl blouse has phulkari work done. Back neckline has stone that gives a jewelery like design. Chequered print motifs of an elephant and geometrical figures add more richness. Elbow length sleeves are suitable for stylish looking silk and designer sarees.

12. Bridal Aari Work Blouse Design

bridal property work blouse design

It’s a full stone work bridal blouse design with heavy aari work. The entire blouse is studded with stones and patterns in a teardrop shape. Real gemstones have been used in the centre and small stones are used in the spaces between the teardrop shaped pattern. It has a pot neckline and simple round neckline in the front side. The blouse comes with front open hooks.

13. Aari Work Wedding Blouse For Brides

aari work wedding blouse for brides

Exclusive and lavish looking bridal blouse design has exclusive Aari and maggam work. It has inverted deep cut at the back with intricate embroidery. With metal jhumkis at the edge at the back makes it very rich and vivacious. The blouse also has an embroidery patch that shows bridal palanquin. It has Zari thread and sequin embroidery with stones.

14. Aari Maggam Work Blouse Design

aari maggam work blouse design

The beautiful blouse has maggam aari work olive green Golden silk fabric. It has contrasting colour taping on the edges of the sleeves. This leaves are made in elbow length style and has a pattern. The floral motif has a chequered pattern that involves the use of heavy Golden thread embroidery, sequences and stone work. The blouse has a high boat neckline classy and Royal look.

15. New Aari Thread Work Blouse

Newly owned thread work blouse

Thread work is exclusively done on a blouse like this which is made on a cotton Silk fabric. The neckline is adorned with Zari work and threads. Floral motifs are made from sequins and zardosi work is also seen. The blouse has short sleeves that bear the same type of pattern.

16. Heavy Aari Work Blouse For Brides

heavy aari work blouse for brides

The heavy wok has rhinestones and American diamonds scattered all over. With short sleeves the bridal blouse is very heavy and is best to be worn for weddings. Such blouses are made with side zipper for ease of wearability.

17. Partywear Green Blouse Aari Work

Partywear green blouse aari work

This party wear green blouse has zari embroidery work and is studded with stones. The beauty of the pattern is the richness the way the design covers the entire blouse. It has the same type of pattern on the bold motifs here and there. Such blouses are wonderful to be paired with your party wear sarees and lehenga dresses.

18. Yellow Aari Work Embroidery Blouse Design

Yellow aari work embroidery blouse design

The neatly done work comes with golden beadwork. The boat neckline styled blouse pattern has shorts sleeves with colourful thread embroidery and golden bead work. The multiple curvy layers of Golden beads adds stylish appeal to this colourful blouse. Such blouses are perfect to be worn with your plain chiffon sarees. In fact with Pattu silk sarees, these blouses can be worn. The entire design can also be replicated on a silk or velvet fabric. The colourful design with thread embroidery gives it a printed fabric look as well making this latest aari embroidery design.

19. Aari Mirror Work Blouse Design

aari mirror work Blouse design

Mirror and aari work goes hand in hand. Mirror work looks extremely beautiful when done on Indian dresses like saree blouses. The exquisite and beautiful floral mirror embroidery is seen on the full sleeves. Mirror work blouse has a deep round back neck line. The neckline is also embellished with mirror work. In fact, this is the major highlight of this blouse. It’s one of the best designs to pair with all types of sarees and lehenga dresses. In the image, it’s teamed up with net saree which is one of the best combinations that we have seen for new brides and party wear.

20. Designer Blouse With Aari Work

designer blouse with aari work

Extremely stylish looking blouse bears embroidery in the basic the colours. The blouse pattern is a mix of art Silk black fabric and sheer transparent. The sleeves are nicely done. It has border on the sleeves bearing the same thread work. It’s a choli style of Princess cut blouse which has boat neckline. The neckline is also adorned with thread embroidery. This latest aari blouse design is best to carry with your lehengas.

21. Bridal Aari Stone Work Blouse

Bridal property stone work blouse

The bridal full stone studded aari work blouse is a beauty to look at. You will see the impeccable chequered pattern that bears ruby stone in the centre surrounded by golden glass beads. The pattern is made by gold stone chains. It is one of the best looking full stone studded blouses that we have seen. With elbow till length of sleeves, it has a deep round neckline in the front deep U back neck and back hooks. Back closure blouses are suitable and have a princess cut Style.

22. Aari Work Peacock Neck Design

aari work peacock Neck design

For women liking peacock as a neck design this style can be tried. It has stylish short sleeves bearing peacock motif and the back neck line also has a nicely and neatly made Peacock design in embroidery. Such aari embroidered blouse designs are popular and eye catching.

23. Jewellery And Aari Work Blouse

Jewelley and aari work Blouse

The jewellery style blouses are in trend and are very fashionable. The blouse has jewellery like structures on the neckline and gold beads on the back and front neckline. It has round back neck with shoulder strings that has Stone studded semicircular latkans. In fact, the latkans are the best part of this blouse. It has curvy semicircular toran style like structures that gives jewellery look like pattern. The three fourth sleeves have parallel small floral design even on the sleeves edges golden bead piping done.

24. Sleeve Design With Aari Work Blouse

sleeve design with aari work blouse

Aari cutwork blouse with elbow length sleeves are for your bridal wear. Event for reception such designs of blouses can be worn. The cut work in round shape is visible on the sleeves. Gold thread embroidery is used to add ethnic touch to this style. The blouse is extremely beautiful and the embroidery is the major highlight of this blouse other than use of stones and thread.

25. Lotus Design Aari Work Blouse

lotus design own work blouse

Lotus motifs are quite in when it comes to aari work blouse designs. A Lotus embroidery motif is seen on the transparent cloth that is added on the back neckline. The little coins are added that gives jingling effect to the neckline. Lotus designs are done with stones and zari work. The blouse has a very rich and lavish look. It’s a rich looking blouse done on a silk brocade fabric with border. This is suitable to be paired with your pattu silk sarees or grand occasions.

Aari work blouse designs are exclusive and look extremely ethnic and traditional. The aari embroidery work adds beauty and stylish appeal to your different designs of sarees and lehengas. Using a crochet like needle, this work is known as aari work. It’s the talent of the artisans and karigars that makes your aari work embroidery to another level. This work is done on cotton, Silk, velvet and other type of fabrics and mostly the zari and silk threads are used. In between, you can apply sequins and stones as well. Aari work is done with Salma, Gota, dabka, and even the zardozi. For bridal wear aari work is one of the best type of embellishments or work that you can have.

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