I had a problem. Over the past year or so, I have amassed nearly a handful of reusable water bottles – either buying them myself or gifting them. Many, in fact, look like S’well’s popular stainless steel water bottles. As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our habits and our perception of cleanliness over the past year, UV-C light has become a much sought-after solution for sanitizing surfaces. They’ve been incorporated into just about everything.

Just a few weeks ago I switched things up and started using a new reusable bottle that contains UV-C light to sanitize the water inside – the Larq PureVis bottle. At first I thought its cost of $ 95 was ridiculous considering that the average S’well bottle sells for around $ 25, but the more I used it the more I realized it was one of the better investments you have. can do.

Why is UV-C light in a water bottle?

I prefer bottled water. Why on earth would I need UV-C light when bottled water sold by companies has undergone meticulous filtration and disinfection before it hits store shelves? The answer actually lies in my habit of using these reusable bottles – oversight to clean them daily.

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Well I’m pretty sure I’m not the only culprit for this especially when using them strictly for water and nothing else. If I used them to store other drinks such as soda, coffee, tea, or beer, I would be more inclined to clean them more frequently. By consuming only water, I would generally put my reusable bottle to proper cleaning every few days or so. Otherwise, that’s when the smell would instantly remind me of it.

Activation of UV-C light in the Larq PureVis bottle bathes the interior so that all microbial creatures are rendered inactive. Obviously this process works because after using the Larq bottle continuously for five days, it still didn’t have that foul smell that I’m usually exposed to with traditional reusable bottles. Make no mistake, I’m not trying to say that you should forget to completely clean your bottle, but rather, you can keep using Larq’s version for a lot longer between cleanings.

Ideal for international travel

If you’ve ever traveled abroad and savored some of the local cuisines on the first night of your stay, you may have woken up with stomach issues. For me, it was my first trip to Barcelona to cover Mobile World Congress. I suspect drinking local tap water (yes, I was desperate at one point) caused me an upset stomach, but this experience is actually quite common for first-time international travelers. This is because the water quality standards are quite simply different.

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Studies on UV-C light have shown its effectiveness in disinfecting surfaces. In the case of the Larq Bottle PureVis, its UV-C light is able to neutralize up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses that may be lurking in water. It would have been useful for that first trip to Barcelona, ​​and is definitely something I will use in the future for any overseas travel. Now, to be honest, this won’t remove physical impurities from the water – so I wouldn’t risk getting water from a freshwater river or pond. For this you will need a suitable filtration system to remove these impurities.

Make a statement with a cost

While it doesn’t matter to some people, I appreciate the different styles that Larq offers with their line of reusable bottles. The first reusable S’well bottle I owned was as simple as it gets and I easily shelled over $ 25 for this one. Eventually I found a more chic looking bottle from another brand and still paid about the same. Thinking about it now, they all add up.

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The 17 oz Larq PureVis bottle that I use has a two-tone color that sets it apart. Not only does it have a utility app, but it’s now complemented with a design that makes a statement – all of which made me re-evaluate my initial belief that buying a $ 95 reusable water bottle is ridiculous.

While this is unlikely to be anything that would prompt an impulse buying decision, it is worth considering after doing your research. It made me think of all the other bottles I’ve spent money on over the years. With UV-C light, the ability to keep my water cold for 24 hours, and a design order notice, the Larq PureVis bottle should have been the reusable one I bought first.

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