Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande: very glam weather girls

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande: very glam weather girls

If you were wondering what the weather is like in Los Angeles, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande will take care of updating you: today’s forecasts are rainy, with the possibility of high fashion. The two artists have posted a video on Instagram about their new single, “Rain On Me”, which is part of Chromatica, Lady Gaga’s new album, the sixth of her career, to be released on May 29. The song, released last Friday, in which the two pop stars duet for the first time, is already at the top of all the digital charts in the main markets of the world starting from the United States (n.1 both in the USA and in the Global by Spotify). Accompanying him is a video shot by Robert Rodriguez that has already totaled over 48 million views in a few days.

“Rain On Me” is the second anticipation of “Chromatica” after “Stupid love”, arrived at the top of the Italian radio charts and still stable, 12 weeks after its release, in the Top 3 of the most programmed tracks on the radio.

In the new clip, they transform into “Chromatica Weather Girls”, and offer viewers the forecasts from their homes in California. There is no doubt: they are the most glamorous “meteorologists” we have ever seen.

“While some are complaining about the downpour, we would like to celebrate the rain,” says Lady Gaga. “The world is rising towards kindness, we celebrate the rain that the world so desperately needs to quench the earth’s thirst.” Meanwhile, off the pitch, there are assistants who hold a water hose above the umbrellas, creating a really convincing downpour.

In the clip, the fashion remains the futuristic one that the two show off in the music video of the single, which was released last week.

Lady Gaga sports a Garo Sparo suit with “splashing water” skirt and gloves. They complete the look of A-Morir’s spectacular pink crystal sunglasses, combined with the color of his hair, of course. Ariana Grande, on the other hand, wears a Scottish mini dress with the same white winged eyeliner that she sports in the music video

Chromatica it will be available in different formats: standard cd, deluxe cd with 3 tracks, standard vinyl, cassette, vinyl picture disc limited. In addition, Lady Gaga has launched a new merchandising line and an exclusive colored vinyl available on

On Friday 29 May, fans of LADY GAGA will have the opportunity to celebrate, even if in a virtual way, the release of the album by following the official profile of creator Lilly Meraviglia starting from 19:00 (@lillymeraviglia).

The famous creator Italian she will play the songs on the disc in a Dj Set live on Instagram, she will comment on them and celebrate with all the fans, who together with her will be able to learn about the new tracks of “Chromatica”, and let loose on their notes by spending an evening “together” under the banner of Music and fun, like a real launch event. Dress code: COLORED is EXTRAVAGANT, following the iconic style of Lady Gaga.

Some lucky fans of Lilly and Lady Gaga will be able to intervene by connecting in a shared live, and all the others will be able to interact with live comments.

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