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Lady Diana: the prom dress with John Travolta on display

The prom dress with John Travolta, so loved by Lady Diana, has returned home. The ‘Travolta Dress’ is now on display in Kensington Palace

It is November 9, 1985. Lady Diana flew to the United States to attend a gala organized by the White House. The exclusive evening is also attended by a young actor who became famous a few years earlier with Saturday night fever is Grease: John Travolta. It is the first lady of the time, Nancy Reagan, who suggested the star to invite the Princess to dance. So he takes her hand and leads her to the center of the room. A gesture immortalized by photographers that has become iconic. And with him also the sophisticated dress of Lady D. A blue velvet mermaid creation with drapes and humeral neckline signed Victor Edelstein. Today that dress, which Diana has also worn other times in her life, and which the press has christened ‘Travolta dress’, after having been the protagonist of a series of auctions, he comes home and goes to the Kensington Palace for the first time. The palace repurchased its creation in December 2019 for $ 290,000.

“This dress represents the moment when Diana moved away from the bulky frills of the early 80’s and developed a style of her own, timeless, much more elegant”, explains the curator Eleri Lynn. “The style for which she is loved in the world was born and, of course, the iconic images of the dance with actor John Travolta – with the dress that rotated opening while dancing – created a legend. She adored that dress and wore it eight times. “

Prince Charles and Princess Diana in Germany – 1987

© Princess Diana Archive

Princess Diana at the premiere of Wall Street in London – 1988

© Julian Parker

The exhibition, which began yesterday, July 30th, marked the reopening of Kensington Palace, which had been closed to visitors since March due to the pandemic.

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