Laci Green Offers Intriguing Sex Education

Laci Green Offers Intriguing Sex Education

In a world where people are often struggling with serious sex-related issues, Laci Green is out to help educate people about various concerns relating to their bodies. She is helping people by explaining all sorts of points about sex and encouraging healthy sexual activities.

Laci Green

Sex is one of the more sensitive topics that people often discuss these days. It is important to everyday life but it is also something that people are often uncomfortable with talking about. One powerful woman has made a name for herself online as a prominent figure in the world of sexual education and discussion.


Laci Green is a prominent sex educator who became one of YouTube’s first big celebrities. She started her own channel on the site in 2007 and focused on highlighting information on sex.

Her Background

Laci Green was raised in a Mormon background but eventually left the church over concerns surrounding her role with it. She struggled with self-harm not long after leaving the church but eventually started to recover through therapy and a deeper exploration of her mind and body. Much of this entailed looking into sexual health and what causes people to act as they do.

Green started producing her own YouTube videos as a hobby in 2007. She started to get a greater interest in sexual education during that time period. Laci green has studied many aspects relating to sex and attended the University of California at Berkeley. She is planning to attend a doctorate program at that school to earn a degree in public health.

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Willing to Talk About Anything

One reason why Laci Green is such a popular women online is that she is willing to talk about anything of value to people. She understands that many men and women have various concerns with regards to sex.

In particular, she talks often about body image and positivity. She also discusses sexual interests that people have and has even talked about BDSM culture.

She currently has more than a million followers on YouTube. Her videos have brought in around 120 million views over the years. Today people have considered her to be the Dr. Ruth for a new era.

She is also a popular consultant for many modern sexual issues. She has been featured on the MTV program Braless as a regular contributor to the series. The program focuses on sex issues in an open and frank manner.

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Intriguing Values

There are many essential values that Green holds that have been highlighted over the years:

  • Sex-positivity is an important virtue to Green. This includes helping people to be open to learn sex without thinking about unusual things or upsetting issues. The goal is to allow all people to feel comfortable when talking about sex.
  • Green encourages women to be responsible for their bodies and to ensure that they are careful with their lives. She also says that slut-shaming is wrong and dangerous.
  • She has been very active in terms of helping people understand the importance of consent and not grabbing women without permission. This particularly led to an open letter that she wrote to YouTube celebrity Sam Pepper after he had been filming himself grabbing women.
  • Consent is very important for Green. She has been working with Trojan, one of the most prominent manufacturers of condoms, to promote a campaign encouraging people to stick with healthy sexual behaviors without risking their bodies. This especially includes ensuring that any woman who is encouraged to have sex only does so when she wants it.

Laci Green Speaking Image

The work that Laci Green continues to do today is vital to the lives of many. The strong work that Laci Green puts in for helping people understand more about sex and how it works is valuable and important for all to look into. This all comes with many key values that entail being positive about sex.

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