Lacey Explains Why People Who Date Inmates Might Be ‘Crazier’

Life After Lockup star Lacey Whitlow is giving advice to anyone who might be considering a relationship with someone who’s serving time in prison.

Lacey Whitlow is a pro when it comes to carrying on romantic relationships with prison inmates. The Life After Lockup star has dated two inmates at the same time. During an exclusive interview with ScreenRant, Lacey offered some advice to anyone considering a romance with an inmate and explained why they’re sometimes “crazier” than the felons.

When fans first met Lacey in season two of Love After Lockup, she was engaged to John Slater while also dating Shane Whitlow on the side. Both John and Shane were in prison carrying out sentences for drug possession and robbery. Lacey and John had been on-and-off for years prior to his arrest. But, after meeting Shane through the Meet An Inmate portal, she developed feelings for him. With Shane being released first, Lacey moved fast in hooking up with him and falling even harder. Upon John’s release, he attempted to fight to win Lacey back, but to no avail.

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Despite the love triangle Lacey once had with John and Shane, she and Shane have since gotten married and welcomed their first child together. With her having close ties to former inmates, Lacey shared her thoughts on how the show helps break the stigma many people have about convicted felons. “I feel like it just depends on the person,” Lacey told ScreenRant. “I’ve watched the show, and I feel like sometimes some of the people who are picking the inmates up are crazier than the inmates.” The WeTV star went on to credit the inmates being released. As a fan of the show she also stars on, Lacey dished on which of the couples are her favorite to watch. “I love Andrea and Lamar, they’re definitely my favorite if I have to pick one,” Lacey revealed.

Lacey shared her interest in watching all of the different love stories on the popular series. “I really love everybody,” she added. “I think everybody brings something different to the show, and everybody has a different story. I think it’s really cool to watch everybody’s life play out, while wondering what’s gonna happen next.” Lacey, along with Andrea and Lamar, and Brittany and Marcelino, are three of the longest returning cast members on the show. Many of the couples often breakup or the inmates end up back in jail.

But Lacey says that still shouldn’t change someone’s mind about dating an inmate. “If dating an inmate is something that you truly want to do, and you’re thinking about it, give it a try,” Lacey suggested. “Why not? Not all inmates are bad people, and everybody is deserving of love. It can’t hurt.” Lacey and Shane are living proof that, once you get past all the drama that comes with a new relationship, a happy life is available to you.

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