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Kylie Jenner’s Oufits (How to Get Her Aesthetic)

Stealing Kylie Jenner's style

Is there anything Kylie Jenner can’t do? She starred on a hit reality TV show, built a cosmetics empire, started a fashion label and became a mom at the age of 20. Of course, that’s not all this megastar has done with his life so far. She has also established herself as a true style icon with a daring fashion sense that continually inspires girls around the world. The perfect blend of edgy and chic, sporty and sexy, Kylie’s style is definitely to be envied. Luckily, if you covet her signature look, we can help you get it. Here’s our guide on how to steal Kylie Jenner’s style for yourself.

Kylie Jenner Outfits

Sports clothing

When it comes to casual attire, Kylie often chooses to wear activewear. For an all-athletic look, she wears leggings with a sports bra. For a more subtle sporty vibe, she usually chooses side stripe track pants and a crop top. Either way, Kylie looks comfy, laid-back, and stylish in her athletic ensembles, which primarily feature the color black. She is also often seen at Puma, where she is the brand ambassador.

Kylie Jenner Sportswear


crop tops

Kylie loves showing off her killer body, so it’s no surprise that she often wears crop tops. When wearing a crop top, Kylie usually opts for a high neck fitted style. She then pairs her crop top with high-waisted pants, like ripped jeans or baggy pants. The result is a look that’s sexy, comfortable, and easy to wear. As such, it’s a fantastic Kylie style to replicate, especially on weekends.

Kylie Jenner Style Crop Tops


Mini skirts

Besides her belly, Kylie also likes to show off her legs. To do this, she often wears short mini-skirts. To channel Kylie’s miniskirt style for yourself, choose a variety of designs to suit different occasions. For casual daytime events, Kylie usually chooses a denim mini shirt. However, for formal functions, she selects more special styles, such as metallic or beaded patterns.

Kylie Jenner Style Mini Skirts


Oversized Tees

King Kylie’s edgy street style also includes plenty of baggy yet stylish and oversized t-shirts. Usually worn as dresses, Kylie’s tees look cool and carefree. But, to ensure her look is chic instead of sloppy, the star always completes her outfits with edgy accessories and sleek makeup.

Kylie Jenner Style Oversized T-Shirt Dresses


Contact information

Kylie Jenner likes to make a statement. So it’s no surprise that she often spotted flipping coords. Whether the ensemble features a matching mini skirt and crop top or shorts and jacket, Kylie will wear it with confidence. To channel its coordinated style, select a casual or sports-inspired ensemble for day or a more sophisticated ensemble for night. Also be sure to consider the color. Although Kylie likes to wear black, she’s also been known to wear bold pop colors and neon hues from time to time.

Kylie Jenner Style Co Ords


Bodycon dresses

When it comes to dresses, bodycon styles are Kylie’s favorite, especially for parties and formal events. Perfect for showing off her figure, these dresses enhance Kylie’s sexy and chic aesthetic. Like most of her wardrobe, Kylie traditionally opts for tight black models. However, she also loves vibrant hues and metallic tones.

Kylie Jenner Style Bodycon Dresses



Showing off her body is part of Kylie’s sexy style. However, she also likes to keep things cozy. To do this, she often opts for wearing a bodysuit. For nights out and dressier occasions, Kylie chooses to wear a fashionable bodysuit, such as a bodysuit with a mesh design, unique print, or embellishments. During the day, she likes to mix things up with a full-length bodysuit, which gives her casual outfit an athletic edge.

Kylie Jenner style bodysuit


Dressing room inspired by lingerie

Confidence is what makes Kylie’s style so inspiring. So even when wearing lingerie-inspired dresses during the day, the star still looks poised and proud. To rock Kylie’s lingerie look, start with a satin slip dress. If you’re feeling self-conscious, you can always add a plain t-shirt underneath for an instant dose of 90s style.

Dressing room inspired by lingerie


High cut swimsuits

Looking to inject some Kylie Jenner style into your summer wardrobe? Invest in high-cut swimsuits. For the past few seasons, the star has been spotted rocking high-cut bikinis and swimsuits on all of her beach vacations. To make the look even more “Kylie”, just select minimalist and sporty styles in solid colors.

Kylie Jenner Style High Cut Swimwear


Retro sneakers

Although Kylie is no stranger to a pair of high heels, her go-to shoes for everyday occasions and outings are retro sneakers. From classic chunky white models to retro suede styles, Kylie’s sneaker collection is diverse and enviable. Luckily, all you need to recreate her look is a pair, as long as it’s a neutral color like white or black. Then just pair these sneakers with classic Kylie pieces like sweatpants, oversized tees and high-rise jeans.

Kylie Jenner style sneakers


Kylie Jenner Hairstyle

While Kylie often returns to her signature style, she’s never afraid to mix things up. In particular, the daring beauty lover likes to change her hairstyle. Whether it’s a fresh cut or a colorful new wig, Kylie’s hair is always a great source of style inspiration. When she’s not rocking her usual tousled black locks, Kylie has been known to rock boxer braids, a sleek bob and a variety of bright colors including pink, red, green and blue.

Kylie Jenner Hairstyle

Makeup Kylie Jenner

Kylie is a self-confessed makeup lover who likes to experiment with different beauty looks. Luckily, she’s got plenty of makeup to play with thanks to her incredibly successful brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which includes her famous Lip Kits. However, she has a few must-have beauty looks. When she’s not opting for a natural makeup style, Kylie chooses to define her brows and outline her lashes. She also loves rocking a bold lip in rich, dark colors.

Makeup Kylie Jenner


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