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Kyle Troup is an American professional bowler that has earned an illustrious reputation as a multi-time PBA Tour champion. Kyle has won numerous awards and accolades since his entrance into the bowling world, and this success is reflected in his impressive net worth of $5 million. Kyle’s immense talent and dedication have earned him over $500,000 in prize money alone to date, making Kyle one of the most successful bowlers of all time.

Despite Kyle’s high earning potential, he remains down to earth and humble so that he can focus on improving himself as an athlete. Kyle’s high net worth is a testament to how much hard work can pay off in the world of bowling.

What’s Kyle Troup’s net worth?

Kyle Troup, a professional bowler, has a net worth $2 million. Kyle Troup is a professional bowler who competes in tenpin bowling on PBA Tour. Since his full-time debut in 2015 he has won numerous PBA Tour titles. He also set a new record for single season earnings in the PBA Playoffs of 2021, with earnings exceeding $496,000 Troup also competes as part of the United States national soccer team.

Early Life

Kyle Troup was born in North Carolina on June 11, 1991. John “Guppy” Troup is his father, a former PBA Tour star and professional bowler. His father was an influential figure in Kyle Troup’s early interest in bowling. He was one of the youngest members of the North Carolina All Stars Bowling Team. He competed as an amateur in South Carolina and Georgia, beyond his home state.

PBA Regional Tour

Troup was made a member in 2008 of the Professional Bowlers Association. He was a manager at Wendy’s and competed in the PBA Regional Tour events during his five-year tenure as a member. Troup won his first Regional Tour title, in Fort Jackson (South Carolina), in 2010. He was later named the PBA Southern Region Player Of The Year in 2013 and 2014.

PBA Tour, 2015-2020

Troup started bowling on the PBA Tour full-time in 2015 He reached the championship round four times in 2015. In 2015, Troup began bowling full-time on the national PBA Tour. Troup finished second in 2016 at the Downums Waste Services Xtra Frame Open, and fourth in Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic. The following year, Troup won his second PBA Tour title in the Mark Roth Marshall Holman PBA Duals Championship. He was paired with Jespersson.

He came in fourth at the 2017 PBA World Championship later that year. Troup was second to Dominic Barrett in the DHC PBA Japan Invitational finals in early 2018. In September 2018, Troup won his third PBA title at Storm Lucky Larsen Masters, Malmo, Sweden. Troup won the 2019 PBA League competition as a member the Portland Lumberjacks. He made it to the final five rounds of championships, but did not win an individual title.

Troup won his fourth PBA title at the PBA Jonesboro Open in early 2020. A few weeks later, Troup won his fifth PBA title at the Mark Roth Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship. He shared the title with Jesper Svensson. Troup had a great 2020. He won another title at Jupiter’s PBA Tour Finals, Florida, in July. Troup’s career-high earnings of $135,000. Despite the season being cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PBA Tour, 2021-2022

Troup’s greatest season on the PBA Tour was 2021. He won the East Region finals and went on to win the PBA Players Championship title as well as the record-breaking $250,000 top prize. Troup was ranked #1 in the PBA Tour Playoffs and defeated Sam Cooley to win his eighth overall title. Troup also won the $100,000 top prize, bringing his single-season earnings up to $469,200. He ended the 2021 season with $496,900 in earnings. Troup was then named PBA Player Of The Year by a overwhelming vote.

In 2022, Troup had an impressive year. He won a title in each of the 13 events, but he did not win one. Troup reached the second consecutive PBA Playoffs. There, he defeated Tommy Jones to claim his second consecutive PBA Playoffs title. Troup’s PBA career earnings increased to $1 million with the win. Troup was also named PBA League MVP and won the Elias Cup later in the year as a Portland Lumberjacks member. A few weeks later, he was awarded the ESPY Award as Best Bowler.

International Playing

Troup competed on the international stage for Team USA beyond the PBA Tour. Troup bowled his first match with the team in 2018 World Bowling Tour Men’s Championship, Hong Kong. He won a trio of gold medals with E. J. Tackett (teammate) and Andrew Anderson (teammate). Troup and Team USA won the Weber Cup against Team Europe in 2019 and 2020.

Public Image

Troup’s image has been a major draw, especially his retro Afro haircut and brightly colored, bus-styled outfit. His hairstyle earned him the nicknames “Afro Fish” (for his long, curly hair) and “The Pro With The Fro” (for his colorful, bus-styled wardrobe). Troup also has a public persona that is similar to his father’s.

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