Kungs’ Net Worth in 2020

What is the net worth of kungs?

Total Price: $ 2 million
Ages: 24
Arising: 17 December 1996
country of origin: France
Sources of funds: Professional dj
Last Updated: 2020


Kungs is a French DJ, record producer and musician.

In 2016, she released her debut album, Layers, following her success on 3 burners with This Girl, a collaboration with First Cookin ‘, which became an international hit for her, and Jamie Ann Commons in the follow-up You Don’t Know Me Is characterized by ‘And’ I Feel So Bad ‘are characterized by ephemeral.

By 2020, Kung’s total assets are estimated to be around $ 2 million.

early life

Valentin Brunel was born on 17 December 1996 in Toulon, France.

Brunel began his music career at the age of five with a DJB gifted by his parents.

He grew up listening to rock and roll classics with his father, including The Who and The Cooks. Discovering a passion for electronic music in his teens, Kungs became interested in melodious sounds and designed Timebridge, led by a lead singer.

The business

Brunel chose the stage name ‘Kungs’ (Mr. (Mr.) in Latvian) after doing an online search to translate the word ‘gentleman’ into different languages.

His remixes of ‘Jamming’ by Bob Marley and The Vallers and ‘West Coast’ by Lana Del Rey, featuring new vocals from Molly, reached several million plays on SoundCloud and YouTube.

The Kungs released their first extended drama, Girl This Girl ‘in 2016, after which they used their remix of’ Cookin ‘On 3 Burner’ This Girl ‘, which ranked in the UK Singles Chart in 2016 in France, Germany, Switzerland. 1 and reached number 2.

In 2018, he played a live set at the Miami Ultra Music Festival. He followed the acts of fellow artists Raiden and Kosuke for their individual set appearances on the 2018 Ultra Main Stage. On 22 July 2018, she performed at the electronic dance music festival Tomorrow in Belgium.

As of 2020, the Kungs have total assets of $ 2 million.


Here are the best glimpses of Kung’s career:

  • This girl (song, 2016)
  • Layers (EP, 2016)
  • More Mess (song, 2017)
  • Disco Night (song, 2018)

Favorite Quotes from Kungs’

“I loved putting some real instrumental sounds in my tracks, some trumpets, or some guitars, because it’s a bit of a twist between old-school sounds like Girl This Girl ‘and new sounds with trumpets and bass. So I like to include some old stuff and some new stuff in my track. ” – Kung

“For the Bob Marley remix, I just found some guitars on YouTube and was like wow, this guitar sounds amazing; maybe I should try to find an acapelle of the track. So I found it, and it was amazing to do , And it was so simple – I don’t know why – I did the track in two hours. ” – Kung

“I’ve got an album in late September / early October. So I’m producing a lot of stuff at the moment. I’ve been in studios in London and Paris, and I’ve worked with outstanding artists including singers and guitarists Is, so I’m working on different styles. ” – Kung

“I work with Universal, and that’s why they’re telling me ‘we have these artists you like, so I pick my favorite artist, and we go to the studio together, and we do some Share the good moments one day! ” – Kung

Lesson from 1 Kung

Now that you know about the total wealth of the Kungs and how they achieved success; Let’s take a look at their best lessons that we learn from them:

1. Follow

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the state of life in which opportunity has been given to us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom.


The esoteric touch found in the music of the Kungs can be traced back to the improbable first instrument of the French producer, a djembe given to him by his parents. Today, Kungs is considered one of the greatest DJs in the music industry.

As of 2020, the Kungs have total assets of $ 2 million.

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